Types Of Woodworking Clamps

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Manufacturer of custom and standard metal clamps. Clamp types include face, band, light, adjustable, face, threaded, face-locking, threaded-bolt, tube, and vent clamps among others. Also available with 0.001 inches to 0.052 inches in thickness. Clamps are usually made of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and several others.

Face clamps:

Face clamps come in a variety of sizes and designs. Generally used to secure thin sheet metal tubing or flexible cable wires. Face clamp sizes vary widely depending on the wire size. Commonly used in roofing applications where the wire is being secured to roofing fixtures such as ridge caps and sheave head screws.

Banded clamps:

Banded clamps are commonly used in sheet metalworking applications. Generally made of steel or aluminum, they provide the user with an easy to use holding power. Available with various-sized holes that can be drilled easily using a screwdriver.

Hammered-metal clamps:

Hammered-metal clamps are also known as wire feed clamps, electric clamps, and rubber-sticking clamps among other names. These are very versatile and ideal for holding wooden or plastic assemblies. They ensure accuracy as well as durability by ensuring the right sized holes for fastening the wire. They are ideal for woodworking applications as well as small fabrication tasks and home workshops. Hammered-metal assemblies made of wood are commonly used for window frames, cabinet bottoms, shelves, and other such applications where a smooth and flat surface is required.

Quick Grip:

For a person to have a quick grip on a metal object, he must have the right tool. A good quality quick-grip tool is an essential part of almost every woodworking shop or work area. With these accessories, it becomes easy to hold items and perform other quick jobs. Quick grip clamps come in various sizes and shapes to suit the requirements of different types of equipment.

Spring Clamp:

A spring clamp is another type of clamping device. These clamps fit over a pair of jaws, which engage with a spring mechanism that grips a metal piece firmly. It provides a firm holding force. Many times these spring clamps are used to hold a wire together while attaching or separating two pieces of metal. Made from different materials such as steel and aluminum, spring clamps are ideal for all types of applications including sheet metal works and finishing.

Wire Rope Clamp:

The wire rope clamp is ideal for securing different objects to the surface. It is very useful in different situations where you need to secure small metal items like screws and bolts. Clamping wire rope has a T-shaped hook to enable the user to tighten and loosen the grip as required. These clamps can be conveniently adjusted to fit different sized metal objects. Also, they are more efficient than other common metal clamps that need to be replaced regularly.

How To Select Clamps For Woodworking Applications?

Selecting the appropriate clamps is necessary for different projects because each application demands specific clamps for proper performance and security. For example, there are various types of clamps to tighten wood sheets together. Most of these clamps are commonly used by amateurs. Some of the popular woodworking applications include planer clamps, vise clamps, pencil clamps, and glue gun clamps among others. Hence, first explore the variety of clamps available at bosseasyclamp and then step forward to purchase the right types of clamps to meet the needs and requirements specifically designed for the application.

How To Make Use Of Flat Bar Clamps?

The most common type of clamp found in woodworking shops is the flat bar clamp. These clamps can be customized according to the needs of the customer according to the desired flat bar diameter and length. Most of them feature a v-groove to ensure proper and secure fastening. These clamps are commonly used in MDF and other stiff materials. They are also very useful for pressing materials such as metals and plastics.


Another popular type of clamp among woodworkers is the f clamp. A f-clamp is ideal for holding two materials together. It is ideal for working with softwoods and light metals. These clamps have an open face, which enables the user to pass the material from one end to another. They can also be modified to accommodate different jaw widths.

There are different types of clamps suitable for different projects. These include safety clamps, cutting clamps, over-the-counter clamps, bench clamps, and electric bench clamps. A safety clamp is ideal if you want to hold items such as knives. For working on softwoods and light metals, an over-the-counter clamp is ideal.