Office Incorporates Corrugated Metal Sheets gives it a Unique Outlook

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Office Incorporates Corrugated Metal Sheets gives it a Unique Outlook | MANOJ PATEL DESIGN STUDIO


Modernized contemporary interior design with the utilization of eco-friendly materials have been idealized for designing the interior of the atelier. The interiors were designed with ground ideation of “sustainability”. Reclaimed Corrugated Metal and timber sheets which are locally sourced materials serve the centerpiece of the design which is cladded on walls, ceiling and floors certainly prevent heat and sound insulation in the interior, innovatively beautifies the outlook of the innards. The textured look of corrugated metal sheets creates a sharp contrast with timber parquet which is further enhanced with color palette.




Disparate spatial orientations for a rectilinear layout of 500 sq.ft which could resolve the purpose of the functioning of space and circulation were been devised with climate responsive decor in the innards for the approval of final outcome of the design. The atelier is designed in such a creative approach whereby space multi functions the purpose. It incorporates a vestibule, a workstation, a versatile dining cum study, chief architect’s cabin, larder and a lavatory. The innards have been designed utilizing local reclaimed chill wood as one of the principal materials in an atelier.

The cabin of the chief architect is stationed at the occidental facade which was the only source for natural light and ventilation due to consecutive layout, hence it was required to be treated in a very judicious way whereby the passive cooling and daylight is maintained but simultaneously obstructs heat flow in the margin. Thus, implements adjustable vertical louvers, which have been coated with insulating colors at the rear end in the interiors which keeps things cool in summers. The low volt industrial collapsible led spot lights have been utilized in the atelier which alleviates the ambience at dusk. Thus the elements employed abbreviates the operational cost while working hours in the stretch. The interior of the atelier contributes significantly to reduce CO2 emissions due to the innovative conviction of design whereby, green and recycled temporary local construction materials which could be heated, cooled, ventilated and lighted more efficiently are employed.

The movable shelves, door and drawer details of the decor, flippers, mural at the fore ingress, have been created from waste wood surplus and the surplus of metal corrugated sheets was resourcefully utilized in the door and partition designed for general access. Expense efficient, customary, local methods and labor were implemented for the detailing in every nook and cranny of the atelier.

Interiors  designed  in the firm sagaciously effectuate the behest of the climate ,which is frugal in all aspects that manifests sustainability in ample approach with interiors at its own stratum.




Architect : Manoj Patel Design Studio

Location : Vadodara, Gujarat, India

Studio Area : 500 Sq.Ft.

Project Name: Design Studio

Material: Corrugated Metal Sheets, Pine Wood

Design Team:  Ar. Manoj Patel, Ar. Vibha Lad, Ar. Brijesh Mistry

Date Of Completion:  October 2016

Photographs: Tejas Shah


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