Office Design keeping The Material Palette Natural & Simple | Interior Muse

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Office Design keeping The Material Palette Natural & Simple | Interior Muse

A solace extent is a modular office derived from the design concept of a healthy environment, minimalistic approach and the ideology of keeping the material palette natural & simple. This workspace was created with the idea of natural and fresh decor that is not only ready to impress but also encourages improved life quality of the staff working on screens day and night.

Vist: Interior Muse

The web developers computing in this space sought to retain their concentration but soften its formality. The furniture in this space is layered with metal above, this metal black outline is specifically created for easy transportation and reassembling of the furniture elements and for easy installation according to any shifted new space. The introduction of soft and gentle curves achieves a perfect balance between the bold metal grid and the volume of the furniture.

The free flow curves ultimately smoothen the user’s vision and depict the continuity and grace of the space. The serene mood is uplifted by the touch of fresh green soft furnishing customized sofas at the waiting area and director’s cabin respectively. Air purifying and low maintenance Sansevieria plants placed within a proportionate metal grid box at the center of the space acts as a semi-private partition between the director’s cabin and the working staff area.

All the furniture’s in this space are made with precision and minute detailing be it the wavy wooden evenly carved handcrafted shutters at the staff zone or the director’s main table accurately stitched leather top and complimented it with semi-circular metal supports, Cantilever bookshelf at the main cabin acts as a backdrop of the owner. Portable furniture, air-purifying plants, innovative use of space planning and material palate meets the challenge of this workspace.

Fact File:

Firm: Interior Muse

Project Name: A Solace Extent

Project Category: Interior Design

Project Location: Surat

 Project Size: 280 sqft

Project Status: Built

Designer: Mitanshi Gupta & Priyank Gabani

Photographer credits: Inclined Studio




About The Firm:

Interior Muse -Creating Spaces Timelessly!

At Interior Muse, our goal is to enhance the way you live by making the most out of your space. We are artists and designers who are able to take your personality and transform it into well-designed art. The result of our craft is an exceptional luxury that is tailored and timeless. We are here to create a one-of-a-kind portrait of who you are, how you live, and what you love. We design ‘DREAMS’ and believe that your home or workplace is very personal, and so is the way we approach making it look and feel like it is your very own.

4 thoughts on “Office Design keeping The Material Palette Natural & Simple | Interior Muse

  • Great concept to give the office a natural look with militaristic designs, light color, and greenery. It provides a refreshing touch.

  • Awesome article! Loved the office layouts ideas, especially the recharge office with bean bags and the team planned office. Every office is dedicated to a set of jobs and requires fitting office layouts as it affects the overall productivity.

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