Jewellery Studio- An Excellent Display Of Beauty And Depth | SSK Associates 

Jewellery Studio- An Excellent Display Of Beauty And Depth | SSK Associates 

When Mumbai based SSK Associates headed by Shilpa Agarwal and Komal Jain got an opportunity to design their first Jewellery studio they were thrilled to create and experience which will be imprinted on every person who walks in the studio.


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As you walk towards Ruchira the entrance door has a striking gold appearance made on an arched shape wooden carving finished with gold antique leafing. The signage board has been covered in Satvario marble on which the gold acrylic name of the studio stands out from distance highlighting the space.

As the client wanted a glamorous look the designers choose to convey it through different elements in which the flooring has been crafted by assembling two different marbles creating a pattern.”To excuse beauty and depth we choose to clad the front wall with a golden mirror which has a display to exhibit the exclusive Jewellery at the studio,” says co-principal designer Shilpa Agarwal.

A subtle color scheme wraps the entire studio with pops of color emanating from the ceiling in the aluminum rafter of 3″ x 3″ which has led strip in it highlighting the ceiling .”We choose to create a fluting pattern in Corian sheet on the main Jewellery display wall complementing well with the display counter in Satvario marble with top edge finished in 5″ gold mirror brass band running through the counter wrapping on the sides too” says co-principal designer Komal Jain.

The unique art piece at the studio is the mirror frame behind the cash counter inspired by a furniture brand called Boca do Lobo. Overall the project is minutely detailed with specially curated materials be it mirrors, chair, flooring, ceiling allowing quality and functionality captivating the decor.

Fact File:

Designer firm: SSK Associates 

Principal Designers: Shilpa Agarwal & Komal Jain

Project Type: Retail interiors

Location: Dombivali, Mumbai

Photography: Photographix



About Firm:

SSK Associates is a young firm where two similar talented individuals Shilpa Agarwal & Komal Jain from reputed firms came together to form a design hub for delivering timeless and quality designs in par with the international standards presenting future-forward designs.
The mission at SSK Associates is to plan and create spaces for people to live in and to make sparing use of resources while maintaining a high level of design quality and environmental compatibility. We not only expertise in the residential sector but have our base spread over hospitality, commercial and retail sectors along with styling the interiors.

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