Can Acrylic Modernize Your Home? Yes it Can, and Here’s How!

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First, do you know what acrylic is? Because most people don’t, and yet they should…

It’s a revolutionary compound. With acrylic, you get glass in plastic form!



Acrylic is a transparent “shatter-resistant” plastic.

It’s also known as Perspex and Plexiglas. So you might have come across it under those names.

But here’s what you should know…

It’s one of key components to renovating a modern home.

With acrylic, you can develop an interior look that’s beautiful, but sustainable and inexpensive.

How so? This is what we’ll show you today. We’ll discuss the key components of a modern look, and how acrylic contributes to that!


First – Minimalism.

A minimalistic look is modern.

You don’t want appliances and furniture with too much size. Otherwise, your home will look like it’s in the 1960s…


What a Minimalistic Look Involves…

First, you want colors to blend and complement each other.

You want tiles to match in color. Also, you need furniture that contrasts those tiles.

Another thing you need is space. You need setups that take up as little room as possible…

This means thinner doors, with more glass than frame. You’ll see those in ones that slide open and shut.


How Acrylic Contributes to a Minimalist Look.

First, it’s thin. Acrylic sheets are lightweight versions of glass.

So they’re strong, durable, and you barely feel them around!

You can use them for your doors. So instead of having a large wooden slab, you now have an elegant sliding acrylic door!

And if you’re worried about transparency, then worry not.

Acrylic sheets can be colored. So you can have a beautiful “black glass” door that doesn’t shatter!

Also, it’s easy to cut and paint. So you can replace sheets whose colors you dislike.

And this makes remodeling acrylic cost-effective!


Second – High Tech.

Nothing speakers modern more than a “high tech” look.

And what’s a high-tech look? Well, for starters…


It’s Metallic.

Think about metallic colors.

Those would be silver, grey, black, and ivory. They’re neutral, and they’re used often in high-end gadgets.

However, what’s unique about the metallic look is the “glimmer.”

A modern looking home needs colors that shine.

Glass partially does that job. And that’s because of its refractive abilities, so it looks amazing with light.

And this is something you can achieve with acrylic too! Acrylic sheets have almost the same refractive index as light!

Not to mention, they’re much cleaner.


How So?

Acrylic doesn’t collect dust like glass.

It’s easy to wipe. And it doesn’t show any wipe marks either!

So not only do you get good refraction. But also, you get immaculate looking glass in many colors!


Third – Symmetry (and Subtlety).

Self-explanatory, right?

We find symmetrical faces as beautiful. And we share similar judgments to all objects we see…

However, symmetry is hard to achieve with bulky items.

A bulky item is conspicuous. And you can see its faults on a larger scale than a smaller appliance.

So this symmetry ties hand-in-hand with minimalism. And acrylic sheets can achieve both at the same time!


To Remind You…

Acrylic is extremely easy to cut and paint.

It’s the affordable alternative to glass.

So it’s easy to achieve symmetry. And only the worst of workshops will fail to provide you that…


But Speaking of Workshops.

You probably need a place to get your acrylic sheets.

For that, we recommend Cut My Plastic. This service supplies quality and diversity at the same time.

They give you the option to customize the final look of your acrylic sheets before ordering.

Visit their site, and check out their services!


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