• Arkiplan International’s New Office- Redefining Form, Fluidity & Function

    Arkiplan International’s New Office- Redefining Form, Fluidity & Function

    Somebody wise once said that “we are what we see. We are a product of our surroundings” and its a fact universally acknowledged that our surroundings affect our mood, productivity and creativity. The designers at Arkiplan International took that literally and designed the office with an abundance of spaces that range from private and communal to formal and casual to give the creative minds behind the firm an environment that keeps their creativity, energy and spirit scales high. It also sums up the vision behind the design of the office which was to create an iconic and inspiring atmosphere for the employees.




    The office follows an open plan layout to foster communication among the staff and seeks to create engagement through design and design through engagement.

    With the open floor plan comes the responsibility of creating breakout areas where people can get a few moments of quiet or concentrate. It has been efficiently catered to with several different quiet spaces.

    A stepped seating in leather finish granite provides the opportunities for spontaneous conversations and a creative setting for casual recreation and refreshment. The steps look upon a wall of human-sized sculptures based on the theme of ‘Resurgam’, which translates to I shall rise again.

    It inspires people to look beyond their current struggles in the hopes of a blissful tomorrow and future.

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    Based on applications of the Internet of Things, Arkiplan’s swanky new ‘self-learning office’ is a legitimate example of what an intelligent use of the modern day technology looks and feels like.

    Lights that work on occupancy schedules keeping in mind daylight savings, blinds that sway with the sun and cameras that stream real-time footage, all of it is based on the proprietary technology of the company.

    Not just that, the facility is voice-controlled and compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. The office is connected in its entirety to a network with intelligent and adaptable software. At a fundamental level, such intelligence would not only result in an enhanced experience but also pave the way for energy savings.

    There are different punctual elements that come together to enliven the great working space.

    The office opens up to a reception donned by a magnificent parametric table with the backdrop of a stunning green wall and faces a semi-formal meeting room in the tones of warm yellow.

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    Rather than confronting the open reception with the closed meeting room, a complementary, coherent whole has been created with a sleek divider. The formal meeting room, on the other hand, is home to a corten steel word cloud that spells the verticals that the company functions in. The weathered steel word cloud and the sleek glass space come together to break the norms of the conventional and present a dynamic chemistry.

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    ©PHX India

    A separate breakout area with a tall table and chairs is apt for discussions as it keeps people moving around. The inclusion of various elements like wood, glass and marble effectively divide the open space while maintaining harmony among themselves.

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    Another major highlight of the office is the free-flowing office desk that always manages to steal more than just a glimpse. It was a challenge to get the table manufactured because of its soft curves and intricate design but not impossible. The table now rests in the co-founder’s cabin in all its glory.

    The unique stepped structure of the building also provided a terrace on the second floor of the office which has been converted to a garden with a variety of curated plants which includes a 5ft high bonsai.

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    A continuous view from the interiors to the garden and from the garden to the city ensures that there’s always plenty to look around. The amalgamation of form and fluidity, formal and informal and open and closed creates a symbiotic balance between work and recreation inside the office premises.

    Visit: Arkiplan International

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