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Convention Centre :

The Design brief was to create a multi utility space accommodating the activities like yoga, chanting and lodgings with the basic kitchen and utilitarian spaces. the construction was taken care in two phases.

Multi Activity Convention Centre At Coimbatore | Masonry Of Architects

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The first phase was focused on constructing a convention space confining 30 to 40 wards .

The roof was done as a shallow vault to create a reverberating space to  chant from a vantage point.

The ventilation was done in a way such that the easterly winds enter from a lower level into the room and the stacks up and vents out through the western direction.

The plot measures of 40’ in width and 60’ in depth located at the foot hills of Coimbatore west.


The planning was very simple on a rectilinear plot we placed a rectangular mass on western side with shorted side facing the road and longer side facing west.

Due to the exposed side facing west we had to use materials with higher “u” value and lesser “R” value .The ideal choice was to go with porotherm blocks measuring about 16” x 8” x 8” in its size.

It is larger in size but light in weight which resulted in a faster construction phases yet while finishing it  becomes slow due to  the brittleness.

Fact File :

Architecture Firm : Masonry By Architects

Project Name : The Convention Centre

Location : Coimbatore, Tamilnadu

Principal Architect : Sabarish Thirumurthy, Tamilselvan

Year Built : 2020-2022

Duration of project : 20 months

Plot Area : 2400 sft

Built up : 2600 sft

Project Size: sq feet :  2600sft

Project Cost Appx : 6200000

Team Design Credits : Gokul G.S , Sanjay Kand

Photograph Courtesy : RObin Shibu rs

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