• Modern Kitchen Cabinets Trends and Styles

    Designing Modern Kitchen Cabinets Trends and Styles is nothing more than an intricate process. With thousands of design elements and options to choose from, it can be tricky to seamlessly design any interior without being challenged by the right design materials to use.

    For this reason, rather than do it themselves, many homeowners liaise with interior design contractors in picking the right design elements for their kitchens. If you are a homeowner troubled by the process of picking the right design elements for a modern kitchen, we are here to help you.

    In this article, we have compiled modern kitchen cabinet ideas to help you transform your kitchen into a modern design masterpiece. Read on to explore the latest modern kitchen cabinets you can take advantage of.

    Are Modern Kitchen Cabinets Trending?

    Modern kitchen cabinets are currently enjoying unmatched popularity in interior design, thanks to the fact that they are staying true to their time, which is modernity. Besides their environmental friendliness, modern cabinets are loved globally for their longevity, beauty, and multi-functionalism. If you want to identify cabinets with modern designs, consider the following.

    1. Simplicity in Design

    Although modernity is defined by lavishness and sophistication, modern cabinets are all about simplicity, from color, and shape, to design. They are mostly defined by flat slab doors with clean lines and very minimal extraneous detailing.

    According to interior design professionals, installing modern cabinets in a kitchen is like simplifying the design process of that kitchen. This is mostly because the simple designs of modern cabinets can allow the trial of different design options not to mention the blending of different materials.

    • Blend of Bold Shades and Wood Veneer

    In modern kitchen designs, traditional colors, mostly neutral, are non-existent. This is because modern kitchens are mostly defined by bold coloring. Regardless of whether they are single or double-toned, all modern kitchen cabinets are bold in terms of coloring. In this respect, modern cabinets often feature not only bright colors like white and cream but also various shades of natural wood veneer.

    • Man-Made Materials

    From cabinetry materials to ornamentation details, modern kitchen cabinets are mostly marked by man-made materials. Incoming modern cabinet trends feature drawers designed with materials like plastic, fibre, plywood, metals, and melamine. Modern cabinet doors come with clear and frosted glass doors as well as metallic handles and knobs, which are artificial.

    You can also find modern cabinets whose features are marked by mixtures of different materials. For example, there are modern cupboards made with a mixture of natural wood and laminate materials. In essence, the unique ambience in modern kitchens is often a result of the incorporation of different materials, a typical feature of modern designs.

    Trending Modern Kitchen Cabinet design Ideas

    Now that you have known the factors that make modern cabinets so popular, you need to have a glimpse of trending modern cabinet ideas that will make your kitchen re-design process simple and fun.

    The latest modern kitchen cabinet ideas include the following;

    #4: Wooden Modern Kitchen cabinets

    Wood is currently at the top of cabinet material trends. Considering the recyclability and durability aspects of raw wood, wooden furniture types are highly respected in modern interior design where environmental friendliness is held in high esteem. Modern kitchen cabinets come in varieties of natural wood materials, from oak to mahogany, cherry, maple, and birch.

    Unlike drawers made of laminate or fibreboard materials, wooden cabinets are long-lasting, simple to work with, and easy to access. With their rough finishes, a simple re-staining or re-painting exercise can reclaim their wonderful look whenever they start to fade.

    #3: Modern Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

    Do you want your kitchen to be defined by not only great history but also simplicity? Shaker cabinets should be your option if you are attracted to simple-looking but functional kitchens. As top cabinet trends, shaker cabinets come in great varieties, from all-wood cabinets, and varieties made up of artificial materials, to those made up of a mixture of both natural and artificial materials.

    Shaker cabinets are admired because they are rot and stain-resistant as well as durable. They are also considered highly functional, thanks to the fact that most of them feature open shelves, which come with extra storage compartments.

    #2: Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

    As I already mentioned, modernity, as expressed by modern kitchens, is all about being colourful. Unlike vintage or traditional cupboards which customarily feature solid single color schemes, the majority of modern kitchen cabinets are ordinarily two-toned.

    Two-toned cabinets are wildly admired not only because of their colored nature but also the contrast they come with. Because of their color combination, you can easily achieve any design statement simply by blending them with matching colors.

    #1: Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

    Despite their classic origin, farmhouse cabinets are trending in 2023. With their simple design features, marked by open shelves and raw wood texture, farmhouse cabinets have proved to be an extraordinary attraction in modern interior design. They can not only fit in all types of interiors but also blend with a myriad of colors and materials.

    Like shaker cabinets, farmhouse cupboards are considerably functional, durable, and effortless to clean and maintain. Whether you go for varieties with dark or light finishes, you can easily achieve your dream kitchen interior outlook with farmhouse cabinets.

    Are Modern Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

    Modern cabinets are cabinet designs attracting admiration from all parts of the globe. Taking into consideration their simple but luxurious designs, modern kitchen cabinets are worth anyone’s attention. Because they consistently feature mixtures of multiple materials, they stand out as not just admirable but unique too.

    Cabinets with modern designs are also exceptionally easy to find and use. Moreover, they boast the best durability and functional attributes. With their simple design features, you can mix them with varieties of items, from antique to modern ornaments, based on the visual statement you want in your scullery.

    Final Thoughts

    You should go for modern kitchen cabinets if you want your scullery to stay true to the modern times in terms of visual outlook. Cabinets defined by modern designs are currently the top trends in interior décor. While they feature simple design elements, they look sophisticated, durable, and visually beckoning.

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