Modern Design House of Indian Aesthetics and Contemporary Sensibilities | 7D Design Studio

Unfolding the timeless classic, with interplay of natural materials allowing light to flow through the space and design elements to provide layers of beauty, making way for a modern design house.

Modern Design House of Indian Aesthetics and Contemporary Sensibilities | 7D Design Studio

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The warm and welcoming aura of the entrance door that is designed to be a mirror reflection of other is quite eye catchy. The triangular handles pointing the entrance and exit provide a wide grip.

With the material palate being minimum and subtly complementing the wall, living room is allowing a grandeur sight. Presence of veneer and Italian marble inlayed over wall is enriching the space. The T.V unit has Italian marble framing embedded with cove light profiling with over headed spotlights. The edges of the drawers are enclosed with white PU to make a significant design. Similar White PU shelves are placed alongside the unit. The reading chair with foot rest and reversible swing are perfect spots for relaxation along with the view. The set of wing chair and the carpet make an emphasizing statement.

Dining is overlooking the living area with a contemporary low height display unit which acts as a partition and separates the dining area from the living room. The breakfast area is quite discrete. A two sitter by the kitchen with suspended hanging lights has quick access through the sliding window.

Kitchen is designed with a minimal approach of color palate and organization. The space is designed in a way that brings out the most in terms of utilization and functionalities. This modular kitchen and modern utilities with substantial functionalities make this space hassle free and breezy.

Study area is subjected with a touch of vibrant hue complementing the veneer. The window side sitting is permitting the leisure of view along work. While the library unit has small white sliders, which can be permuted according the desire and in aesthetic perspective.

Younger son’s bedroom acquires play of diagonally placed rafters and warm light. With head rest following the pattern of wall paneling and warm profile light dividing the wall in two significant halves, inventive sight is accomplished. The unity in design is maintained with similar groove pattern flowing through side tables and wardrobe. The study unit is designed as an integrated unit, attaining storage with open shelf to set out artifacts.

Master bedroom symbolizes element of luxury. On the headboard paneling and wardrobe, the gold metallic profile is forming clean figure over white surface with sharp wooden figures aside. The chest of drawers has design details over the conceal handle and the edges. Not to miss the vertical exposed shelf dominating the wall.

Elder son’s bedroom allows a view to the city skyline accompanied by two accent chairs. Fundamental design with course of vertical outline is traced over paneling, wardrobe and the bed facing wall. The chest drawers unit is highlight the pattern over the space in the most elegant way. Adjacent to it is the sleek study table with glass top. A dwelling with different functional spaces, and amalgamation to the interior while maintaining unity for the welcoming experience is the design aim.

Fact File

Designed By: 7D Design Studio

Typology: Residence Interior Design

Project Name: Kothari Residence

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

Built: 2021

Duration: 17 Months

Size: 1700 sq.ft.

Project Cost Appx: 1.25 Crore

Principal Designers: Mukesh Vegaad and Divyaa Tank

Photography Credits: Umang Shah

Consultants for the Project

MEP Consultants: JNT

HVAC Consultants: Allied Climate

Contractors: Sai Radha Interior Works

Products and Materials: Lighting: Osram Lights | Sanitary ware: Grohe | Windows: Domal Dguv | Laminate: Merino | Paint: Asian Paint | Hardware: Blum

Firm’s Website Link: 7D Design Studio

Firm’s Facebook Link: 7D Design Studio

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