The Best Lighting Trends to Glam Up Your Home or Office

The old-fashioned light bulbs are a thing of the past and the latest lighting trends are here to spoil you for choice. 

From pendant lights to chandeliers, ceiling lights, wall lights and accent lights – there is something new to match every homeowner’s taste. 

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your home without making many changes to the interiors, these lighting trends can be extremely helpful. 

Here we have chosen 4 of the best lighting trends that can complement any interior theme. 

Let’s dig right in. 

1. Elegant Vintage Designs 

Does your heart melt when you think of the vintage style? Do you wish to usher in a touch of romance and elegance into your living space? We have good news for you. The vintage designs are back with a bang in 2022. 

Today’s vintage lighting fixtures are graceful and functional. Their beauty is accentuated with modern elements and styling. Wooden finish and crafted metal designs are particularly dominating. 

2. Minimalistic Industrial Designs 

The decor world is obsessed with industrial designs and lights are not untouched. Rustic metal accents, faded finish and robust designs are here to add a stylish edge to your home lighting system. 

Steel, wood, metal and reclaimed items can be transformed into beautiful and edgy lighting fixtures that demand your attention. From dining room chandeliers to pendant lights, table lamps, and much more, you can incorporate industrial designs into your home or office in a variety of ways. 

3. Edgy Ceiling Lights 

Ceiling lights are evolving in their form, function and style this year. Instead of being just a neglected lighting fixture, ceiling lights are now taking center stage. 

The most popular design we are seeing everywhere is the dome lights. The modern-day ceiling lights are sleek and minimalistic without compromising on style. We also see that mixing two design elements is resulting in distinct ceiling light designs that you will surely love. 

4. Chic Wall Sconces 

Wall sconces may not be the primary lighting fixtures in your home. But they can play a crucial role in elevating the overall aesthetic appeal of the room. 

When installed on empty walls, these chic lighting fixtures can double up as stylish design elements, adding depth to your decor. The trend this season is all about shiny metallic edges and bold crafted metal designs. 

You can not only use these chic wall sconces in your living room, bedroom or study but they can even be used as bathroom vanity lighting. 

Does your heart wish for more lighting trends? Check out this infographic by Claxy Lighting which gives you a glimpse of all the top 7 trends in 2022. Gather all the inspiration you need and jazz up your home in style. 

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