Modern 7BHK Penthouse Personifies Luxurious Living In An Effortless Way | Deep Breath Architecture Firm

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Modern 7BHK Penthouse Personifies Luxurious Living In An Effortless Way | Deep Breath Architecture Firm

Penthouse living at lake Jal Vatika in Vyara, amidst nature with pure and picturesque surroundings, brings collectively sophistication and elegance, allowing the experience of all this beauty from the privacy of the 9th floor. Sprawled over an area of 10,000 sq. Ft., the project’s roots have been intended to grow, keeping in mind the client’s penchant. It is predominantly designed for a family of 9 who wanted a royal and luxurious living, whilst creating a comfortable milieu for the occupant family. As the name suggests, “વૈકુંઠ; Vaikunth [heaven]” the client believes, this penthouse is their abode of heaven and hence the ambition was to enable each space, shared and private, to resemble the client’s vision of a tranquil and quintessential home.

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Massive patterned wooden door at the entrance sets an impression of establishing an equilibrium between modernism and traditionalism. Plan has been kept as simple and as open as it could be, with a visual connectivity maintained throughout the penthouse along with connection to the nature, with the support of double heighted spaces and multiple balconies facing the river.

The living area is moderately furnished with two full heighted windows brining in abundance of natural light making the room feel visually large. With utmost interaction with the surroundings, carefully crafted hanging mirror show piece along with a traditional element “jhoola”, accentuates the vibe. Decked by the marble tiles and grey tonality of the furniture, the space is royal in its emotions. Transparent glass rooted in sleek steel frame, divides the space yet keeping it connected, making it visually large.

The dining area has been simply designed as a double heighted space to behold an 8-seater dining table along a full-length window. This comparatively increased volume of the space and naturally lit area portrays the dining space importance as an integral part of family’ social gathering. Customized table base acts as the epitome of design.

The interplay of contrasting colors and the royal furniture with massive chandelier in a central volume adds vibrancy and luxury to the room. The kitchen likewise has a simplistic modular style with sleek minimalistic surfaces. The dark colour palette gives a bold outlook altogether.

The common area houses an open riser wooden finished staircase with featured lights and artifacts that reflect nature, adding beauty and magic to the uniqueness and versatility of the element. It resonates very earthy yet royal feeling. The open lounge uses dark natural stones for the flooring extending to one side of the wall, accountable for the coziness of the room. The wall is done in an exposed red brick wall, with another side of the room elating natural light and pure air.

All the rooms have been designed according to each end-user’s requirements yet in a harmony with the overall theme of the house. The spaces within the bedrooms have been defined individually with the use of different materials and level differences. Distinctively, the daughter’s bedroom has a very earthy look with of the walls cladded with exposed bricks and likewise, one of the master bedrooms has been carried through wooden flooring and fabric headboards giving warmth to space. All the bedrooms celebrate royalty and luxury with a monotony of colours and material palette.

The bathrooms have a remarkably simple and sleek interior with only minimal furniture yet very elegant. This penthouse has been designed with great care, thoroughness, and details accomplishing the dreams of the inhabitants.


Design Studio – Deep Breath Architecture Firm

Project Type- Penthouse interior

Principal Architect – Ar. Ajay Panchal

Year of competition – 2021

Location – Vyara, Gujarat.

Area – 10,000 sq. Ft

Photography Credit – Dhaval Gajjar (360 Eye)




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