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    The brief called for converting this existing 4 bed apartment into 3 bedrooms with a magnificent living room to cater the requirement of the 3 generations living in it. We decided to go for an opulent yet sophisticated Art Deco design style interiors for the space. And what screams “opulence” better than ‘Art Deco’? In Mumbai, art deco has a rich architectural history. It was one of the most exciting and influential styles of the 20th century and it is one that still influence design today. This apartment celebrates the visual diary of Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage in at Trump Tower, Lower Parel, Mumbai.

    Manifesting Art Deco Design in All its Elegance and Luxe | Designerwork

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    Living room

    The living room is opulence redefined in every sense. This space is a beautiful example of interior ornamentation. It strikes a perfect balance with eye popping accent walls and an overall soothing neutral color palette. This space is a form of art in itself. A play of geometrical shapes can be found everywhere in the house. The Flooring is inlayed with diamond shape patterns, the walls have classy book match marbles.

    The high back chairs just opposite the bar unit exhilarate the feeling of Live life King size and becomes a great conversation area. The backdrop of these chairs is a beautiful piece of saint Laurent book match marble. The ceiling has a shimmery gold wallpaper and the apartment is adorned with dazzling brass lights.

    The mirror ceiling over the dining table gives a palatial touch and brings about an illusion of splendid height. Pop of green chairs bring freshness to the space. The backdrop of the dining area forms the mood board of the entire living room with curvilinear brass profiles with creative play of different mirrors and marbles. A singular material palette, albeit in varied textures, makes the space look clean, yet detailed. The colors are well balanced and soothing to the eye. 

    The bar table is ornamented with geometric play of black and clear mirror and a beautiful St. Laurent marble top. The bar flanks the right side of the apartment entrance and leaves one awestruck with its magnitude and aesthetic. The bar storage shutters are an art piece in themselves and are meticulously designed keeping the theme in mind. The proportion and fine symmetry of gold work over polished black backdrop sends one back in time. The bar chairs are upholstered in plush olive-green fabric that pops out from the monochromatic background of the bar. An ingenious play of lights and textures elevates the design of this ‘Visionnaire’ inspired bar unit. Along with form and design, the function of the bar has been given equal importance. The bar storage has been designed in a way that it can also function as a display unit for precious crockery. Good vibes and a rich material palette of this space leaves one in high spirits.

    Kids’ bedroom 

    Kids have very specific visions of how they want to decorate their bedrooms, and those ideas are also often inspired by epic movie sets and elaborate fairy tale’s backdrops.

    This room is shared by siblings with varying tastes. The challenge was to find a middle ground where the children are able to see their dreams turn into reality as well as weave the space to look harmonious. Eye catching teal fabric of the bed and headboard compliment the shimmery silver and gold wallpaper on both walls. The furry rug on the warm wooden flooring is cosy and comfortable. The colour palette is inspired by their favourite Macaw bird character from movie ‘Rio’.

    Master bedroom 

    Breaking the rules – this is what the master bedroom is all about. It is an affair of burgundy ceiling and warms grey walls. A beautiful amalgamation of contemporary furniture with neo classical wall mouldings and ceiling ornamentation, brings a different zest to the room. The master bedroom was fairly small with a large bathroom, so we mindfully downsized the bathroom in order to fit a personal walking wardrobe space. 

    An exotic marble makes an appearance behind the bed to bring glimmer and texture to the room. The room also adorns a stunning black and gold console below the TV.

    Parents’ bedroom

    Blush pink has become a highly desirable accent colour for sophisticated rooms like those of senior members of the family. 

    This room has blush undertones with a muted colour palette that mends peacefully together. The wall behind the bed has a softly fit floral wallpaper and golden wall lights in slits to add to the luxury factor of the space. A singular material palette, albeit in varied textures, makes the space look clean, yet detailed. 


    Admittedly, bathrooms often get the reputation for being one of the least stylish rooms of the entire home. Whether you’re working with a small powder room or the main suite, bathrooms are often regarded as being strictly utilitarian: Where you dry your hair, brush your teeth, or perfect your skincare routine. But in reality? Bathrooms are bursting with endless inspiration—you just need to get a little creative.

    Every bathroom in this apartment has been designed differently and have its own charm. Inspired by the monochromatic essence of art deco. The master bathroom has Geometric play of black and white marble pattern combined with swanky marble backdrop and polished gold fixtures oozes the high-end lifestyle.

    An exotic black marble encapsulates the Kids’ bathroom and exudes panache. The black subway tiles with stark white grout creates a beautiful contrast and play.

    Neutral Moroccan – Inspired bathroom with a catchy blue mosaic and patterned tiles create an interesting mood board. A typical Moroccan Archway has been replicated in the Parents’ bathroom which adds to the aesthetics to the space.

    There is a symphony of shiny gold basin, St. Laurent marble with gold epoxy grooves on the floor and hexagonal pattern of monochromatic tiles in powder bathroom. The pedestal basin has been specifically customized with gold bars of different sizes to create a master piece.

    Fact File

    Designed By: Designerwork

    Typology: Residence Interior Design

    Project Name: House of Fancy

    Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra

    Built: 2021

    Duration: 9 Months

    Size: 1500 sq.ft.

    Project Cost Appx: 1.2 Crore

    Principal Designers: Smit Bhagat & Rajvi Mehta

    Photography Credits: 21 Frames

    Products and Materials: Flooring: Classic Marble Company | Kitchen: Enchante Kitchens | Paint: Asian Paints | Artefacts: Golden Triangle

    Firm’s Website Link: Designerwork

    Firm’s Facebook Link: Designerwork

    Firm’s Instagram Link: Designerwork

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