A Contemporary Art Deco Style Home | Prachi Kothari Designs

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A Contemporary Art Deco Style Home | Prachi Kothari Designs

Opulence & Larger than Life appearance

The Property Located in South Mumbai, this sprawling 3500 sq.ft.(On a single floor plate) the apartment overlooks the hustle and bustle of the most famous Mumbai beach – Girgaon Chowpatty.

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The Blueprint: At a glance, space seemed much smaller because of its compartmentalized layout. We stripped the floor bare and worked on a semi-open plan in accordance with the Client requirements and lifestyle and made way for a large living-dining cum entertainment space, a master suite, daughter’s bedrooms, a family movie room and a spill out outdoor area. Clients love to entertain, which formed the basis for planning the house. The spaces flow into one another enabling visual fluidity yet retain privacy with clear segregation of public and private spaces.

The design-the overall feel of the house:
The interior flair for the apartment is a ‘Glamorous fusion’ of styles, with spaces expressing the individual personality of the users tied together with a common thread of ‘Opulence’. The shell for common spaces is defined by warm earthy tones in deep browns, whilst the bedrooms follow a lighter beige/cream note.

The linework is clean & straight-line, with minimal Art Deco detailing can be seen in the marble-clad walls, flooring, and metal detailing. The furniture & lighting express a strong presence – bold & impactful lending to the overall feel of the space. Metal in gold finishes is used to highlight details such as the doors & walls, adding to the overall glam quotient of the space.

Living space: The black & white checkered flooring of the Entrance lobby forms the highlight of the space with intricate chandeliers and subtle ceiling detailing. A glass door with glossy gold metal finish in geometric pattern marks the grand entryway through which a series of crystal chandeliers of varied size, shape, and height placed can be seen at a glance. This not only adds a visual dimension from the entry but also acts as a space divider in the large living and dining space.

Master Bedroom: The Master Bedroom breakaway from the warm hues for a subtle cream scheme with a touch of bling in the soft furnishings.

Transitional spaces- Corridor: Transitional spaces such as corridors/passages within apartments are usually given the least importance. On the contrary, for this apartment, the segregation of private and public spaces made way for a long corridor. This transitional space breaks away from the warm color tone of the apartment were given an enigmatic Black and white checkered flooring pattern to add the dreamy neoclassical feeling to space.

The Flooring adds visual depth to the space with soft ceiling details, chandeliers and a pop of color adding to the overall bright, rich and elegant interior of this corridor.

Eldest Daughters bedroom: For a teenager, a bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It’s also a place for relaxation, study and socializing with friends. The eldest daughter’s bedroom breaks loose from the clichéd pinks to make space for solid colors of grey, black, and lavender. Attention sneaking mirror cladded wardrobe with flashy floral wallpaper makes a style statement with ample photo opportunity for the teenager and her friends.

Younger Daughters bedroom: At the age of 8, every little girl is fascinated with Princess Stories and characters. Being the youngest one in the family, this bedroom is designed in softer tones and period furniture. Pink is the obvious choice for a young girl’s bedroom, with wardrobe clad in floral fabric adding to the princess fantasy feel. Whilst elements of gold, pink and faux fur adds an element of fun to space.

Terrace: The terrace breaks away from the opulent interiors to a more casual relaxed setting. A green wall forms the backdrop to this space with uninterrupted views of the beach to the other.

Overall the house expresses a warm yet rich color palette with bling quotient added through the gold metal finishes in the detailing of the furniture, walls, light, etc. An Interior scheme that combines both form, function & opulence with an edge & personality.

Material Palette:
Flooring: Blue Savoit [Classic Marble]
Veneer: Esquire Timber
Wallpaper: Jab Company [London]
Windows: UPVC windows [Veka]
Paint: Balaji Enterprise Co
Contractor: Ashish Interbuild
Sanitaryware: Decoreta Tiles


Firm: Prachi Kothari Designs

Client: Savani’s

Area: 3500 sq.ft. carpet

Location: South Mumbai

Photographer: Photographix [Sebastian | Ira]

website: http://www.prachikotharidesigns.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/prachikotharidesigns

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/prachikotharidesigns/

About Prachi:

Thinker, Creator, Freebird, Founder. This is Prachi Kothari. The founder & principal interior designer & stylist at ‘Prachi Kothari Designs’.

Prachi has skillfully implemented her knowledge to the creative work she aspires to achieve excellence with every client by keeping an open outlook on different periods of style & concepts. She has a soft corner for the Baroque & Rococo era for its drama, color & Art deco; while Art Nouveau (Total Art Style) for the modern & contemporary design seekers.

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