Make Your Home A Tranquil Haven with Their New Collection | Sarita Handa

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Make Your Home A Tranquil Haven with Their New Collection | Sarita Handa

Make your abode a serene haven with designs inspired by culture and nature, hand-crafted by Sarita Handa.

With more hours being spent at home, it is time to bring in accents that establish a connection with nature and exude tranquillity. The Global pandemic has brought forth a realization that humans are a part of the natural world and without it our existence would be lost.

Just as Mother Nature heals and embraces us in its cocoon, Sarita Handa’s latest hand-crafted bedspread and cushion collection embraces homes in warmth and serenity.

At Sarita Handa, it is not just about designing products, it is about curating timeless lifestyle choices that are reflected in every piece. Inspired by art, textiles, traditions, nature, and travel, the company, over three decades, has managed to bring age-old Indian needlework techniques to homes. 

Sarita Handa’s new line of decorative cushion covers and bedspreads weave classic botanical elements and traditional motifs from cross-cultures. The silhouettes used are detailed yet stark, colour palettes are neutral but delightfully vibrant. The patterns sourced from the imagination are also inspired by unique indigenous traditions from around the world and within India.Using the traditional Indonesian dyeing technique of ikat, Sarita Handa cushion covers artfully showcase soothing elements. Signature flora and bird motifs, inspired by the indigenous Mexican people’s Otomi style of embroidery, are hand-woven in neutral and multi colours. The fusion of classic patterns such as Harlequin and styles like Mughal, Persian and Egyptian motifs are finely depicted on the decorative pillows and throw cushions, making one embrace cultures through their home journey. 

Sarita Handa’s bedspreads display a variety of influences combining different applique, knots and embroidery techniques. Portrayed in Olive, terracotta, french blue, salmon, and beige/Ivory, the subtle hand-quilted bedspreads reflect textures that make one feel the luxurious warmth of these bedspreads. Honey-combed patterns in Azerbaijani embroidery, vertical Kantha Pick Stitch lines, and interpretations of Palampore florals, Memling Gul rug along with Turkish Suzani patterns are all included in this collection. 

Sarita Handa’s latest bedspread and cushion collection add rich, soothing textures  to a home that allows a peaceful, contemporary blend of tradition with luxury.

“Our homes should reflect elements from nature that inspire wellness. The new collection focuses on designs and traditional motifs from all across the world. Bespoke patterns, soothing colours and finest materials effortlessly elevate home décor.”, says Suparna Handa, Managing Director at Sarita Handa. 

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