7 Tips to Help Condos Sell Faster

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Once you decide to list your condo, you want it to sell fast. You know that properties that linger without selling end up getting a lower price at the end. And if you are ready to move on to the next phase of your life, you certainly want this property off your hands quickly and for the best price. To help your condo sell faster, here are seven tips:

Price it Right

Many condos seem to be listed for months because the seller has priced them too high. The result is that, eventually, they reduce the price and give potential buyers the impression that they are desperate to sell. Spencer Hsu recommends that you ask your agent to show you prices of comparable condos to set the best price. If you price it slightly below market value, it will result in more showings and more offers sooner.

Show an Attractive Property

First impressions are very important. You want buyers to have a big smile on their faces when they tour your condo. Paint some walls, polish lamps and fixtures, add some attractive planters. These are quick and inexpensive upgrades that will also help the condo look better in photos.

Hire a Professional Photographer

Make sure your agent uses a professional photographer to make your condo look as attractive as possible. Many homeowners take their own pictures, and the result is unattractive images with poor lighting. These days almost all buyers start their search online, and a home with the most attractive pictures will gather the greatest interest. Potential buyers always prefer to visit those properties that look best in photographs. Virtual tours and 360-degree videos also work very well.

Remove Personal Belongings

Put away the photos of the family reunion and other personal belongings. Buyers want to feel that this could be their home. If you have too many personal mementos, you may actually distract the potential buyer from the attractive features of the property. Buyers must be able to imagine living in this space.

Clean up the Mess

Pack most of your clothes and place them in storage to make your closets look as roomy as possible. Keep kitchen surfaces free of unused appliances to make the space look bigger. Your goal should be to make the condo look as spacious as possible. This also makes it easier for prospective buyers to imagine what their belongings would look like in those spaces.

Keep it Clean

Your condo should be ready for showings at all times. You never know when a potential buyer will arrive. Tidy up the children’s rooms, keep the dishes clean, and the bathrooms spotless. Show the buyer that the home has been well cared for. This takes some work but will be well worth it in the end.

Pay for a Pre-Inspection

If you suspect that an inspection will reveal a series of problems, it is well worth paying for a pre-inspection and having the inspector point out any problems that can be fixed before listing the condo. Otherwise, when the buyer hires their own inspector, they will ask you for a reduction of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for something that you could have fixed for much less.

A few of these tips will surely help your condo sell much faster!