Make Your Apartment Ready For Winter

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Winter Is Almost On Our Doorstep!

Winter is just a few weeks away—well, depending on where you live, of course. In some regions of the United States, it’s been winter since September—we’re looking at you, Maine, Wyoming, Montana, and Alaska. For the rest of the country, as the hours have changed with daylight savings time, so has the temperature dropped. It’s still autumn in most places, though, so you’ve got time. You’ve got time to prepare your apartment for winter, and in this writing, we’ll briefly cover a few strategies you might want to try for the best results.

Space Heaters And More

While ideally, you don’t have to do anything to make your apartment cozier in the winter, that may not always be a choice available to you. First, use options such as to find rental solutions that will be comfortable during the cold months.


When you’ve got resources of this caliber at your beck and call, there’s a higher likelihood you’ll find units designed to be perfectly temperate regardless of the time of year. But if you’re already in a unit, or you don’t have the budget for the unit you’d like, look into a space heater. These are cheap, and they’ll warm up a room fast.

Basically, you can find a good one for $50 to $150, depending on the sort of space heater you’re considering, and it’ll have enough warmth to raise the whole temperature of the space a few degrees. Plus, you can take the space heater with you wherever you go, assuring you’re always warm regardless of where you are.

There are other types of heaters as well—and if you’re really savvy, you can rent a unit with a fireplace, and then you’ve got no troubles of this kind at all. But you can’t always control the units you acquire; so be thinking about ways to overcome your situation.

Blankets Galore

Blankets can keep you warm even when the temperatures go below zero; you just need enough of them. So if you’ve got an apartment that won’t retain heat at all, just keep buying blankets until they ward off the cold. Look for those that are soft, and look into sleeping bags as well.

You may find if it’s fifty degrees inside, you sleep well under large soft blankets. Also, you don’t have to keep your winter blankets around throughout the year; you can swap out bedding as the season changes.

Sealing And Window Coverage

It turns out that heat can leave through the glass. First, assure the seals around the windows are as they should be, and if they’re not, either bug your landlord to send someone in for repair or do the repair yourself. You may need authorization, but if you understand what you’re doing, there won’t be any trouble. Next, look into covering those windows. A few blankets over the glass will keep a lot of the heat from escaping. The more layers you put between the outdoors and the indoors of your apartment, the more heat you’ll maintain.

The “Clean” Angle

When it’s rainy, when it’s snowy, when it’s wet, your shoes or boots tend to collect detritus. That detritus will be tracked through the apartment if you’re not careful. What’s smart to do is put down some sort of rug or other foot-cleaning option right at your front door. If you have a back door or slider, you want things to clean your shoes there as well. You can put the foot-cleaning apparatus inside or out; though it’s often a good idea to have both options on the table so you can keep your premises the cleanest. Also, put a little broom by the door so you can sweep things up if you need to.

Comprehensive Preparation For Winter

When you’ve got options to keep your feet clean, heating solutions, and enough blankets, it’s easy to keep warm as well as clean during the winter. Also, look into making sure the windows and doors are properly sealed. If they’re not, they’ll let heat out and cold in.

Winter comes every year; there’s no way around that. However, if you’re willing to think critically about what’s coming, and prepare in advance, you’ll be able to properly prepare your unit for the cold, simultaneously protecting it from unnecessary clutter, and maintaining your comfort.