Luxury Apartment With The Essence Of Warmth And Serenity | Vinay Interiors

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Luxury Apartment With The Essence Of Warmth And Serenity | Vinay Interiors

In this day and age, where space is a luxury and smart living is the ultimate mantra, The Architect goes afar from the monotonous grid to create a larger-than-life canvas. This residential design balances aesthetics and functions, creating an extravagant livable space. The comfort of the family is being catered with the appealing décors of the house. The design language that space personifies the contemporary style with the essence of warmth and serenity. The classic elegance plays the trump card for the tailored glam interiors of the residence.

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The fact remains that while the small living rooms have their setbacks, bigger living areas present their own sets of issues.  While achieving the additional function of most utilizing the shapes and size of the room in a creative manner other than providing large sittings. This leads to the concept of this room that is decorating the living with variant textures and patterns making the room interesting and alive. Coming back to an uncomplicated white living room décor scheme has bought immense peace, serenity while being visually clutter-free. Seamless wooden panels on the wall give a highly classic finish adding in the elegance. The dark hues of beige and grey picked for the sofas brings a contrast soft pastels of the room. The ornamental ceiling lights grab all the attention when you enter this exclusive lounge. The pure white backdrop in the room seems to be even huger with the big passage of light through the full-height window.

The sophisticated dining room with granite table-tops and hammock chairs has a very distinctive style. The beautiful earthy color pallet looks natural as well as fashionable. One can observe the similar wooden panel finishes on the walls and ceilings alike the living. Two massive chairs are provided in the corners for any additional sitting required. The engrossing crisscross pattern created with square-shaped wooden and graphite pieces for screening allures every visitor. All the doors and windows are full height amplifying the circulation paths. The marble floors used for the entire residence has a luminous shine as well as gives a spacious pleasing look.

The pooja room adjacently placed beside the dining creates a peaceful environment by using light yellow color and white. The tasteful indoor atmosphere is made even brighter with the translucent backlighting with onyx at the backside of the placed idols. A pretty circular motif is quite eye-catching made on the highlighted wall.

The design narrative for the master bedroom is based on enthusiasm and creativity. A big world map in the background is a great piece of artwork that certainly looks very appealing. The subtle color pallet of browns for the room compliments the classy lingo of the place. The dark sea-green colored bed selected brings a contrasting element again for the room. The pillow coverings, curtains, and carpets in grey blends with the browns. The study table in the corner has strip lighting that lends personality to space. The natural light available from the window brightens up the complete room partially.

There is nothing more captivating than the monochromatic bedroom interior which has a bold and eye-catching statement. The light geometric pattern at the backside looks lovely with the entire setup. The dark black headboard, bed setups, and double sethi sittings give contrast while delivering a minimalist approach. The pendant light in the corner goes well with the style of the room.

The audio-visual room is an inspiration for the contemporary family room which gives an occasion for the family members to come together and enjoy. The finishes are similar to those used in the entire house and give a blow to your mind.

Fact File:

Firm/Design Studio: Vinay Interiors

Project name: Luxurious 5 BHK Apartment.

Location: Surat.

Area: 4,300 SQ.FT.

Status: Completed October 2019

Principal Architect: Vinay Shah

Photographs: Prachi Khasgiwala

Interior styling: Uplift

Design Team: Nikhil D. Tamakuwalaa , Naina Gangani, Nikhil Patel.

Consultants:  Vastu Consultant-Shrivastav (Pune-Maharastra)

Lighting Consultant: Roshni dayani (Inlit Designs-Surat)

Contact e-mail: [email protected]

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