CNC machining, also known as Computer Numerical Control machining, has many applications and is helpful in many industries. Computer Numerical Control means that the machine is regulated and monitored numerically rather than manually. These tools employ complete accuracy to facilitate a machining operation rather than manually grinding and cutting bits, thus eliminating room for human error. CNC milling and machining have become the standard for many industrial solutions because they can handle various materials and produce shapes of all product types.

    In the architecture industry, precision is of utmost importance. CNC machining and contour precision take care of minute details in the construction industry. Some of the machining capabilities required in construction include:

    • Large parts CNC machining, including turning and milling applications. In the construction industry, CNC milling facilitates operations such as grooving, parting, knurling, threading, boring, etc. It makes it possible to accurately design and machine large parts thanks to advanced horizontal and vertical machining equipment.
    • Rapid prototyping facilitates the production of custom parts or any design within a short time.
    • CNC machined materials including brass, copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium.

    Brass is used in different architectural applications because of its high malleability and low coefficient of friction. It is antimicrobial, non-sparking, and rustproof, making it useful for various construction applications.

    Copper can also be cut, forged, pressed, or hammered into any shape for electricals, furniture, or plumbing solutions. The material conducts heat and electricity, making it useful for construction purposes.

    Steel and stainless steel are used more in construction because of their excellent mechanical abilities and affordability. Stainless steel parts are applicable in construction because they are strong and feature the anti-corrosive aspects of chromium.

    How does CNC milling work?

    In CNC milling, the machines are controlled numerically, whereby a computer software program monitors the behavior of the interconnected system, including the flow rate, cooperation, and velocity. The advanced CNC milling machines can be configured as vertical or horizontal machining hubs. The best thing about CNC machining is that it can use various materials to make parts, including metals, plastics, rubber, ceramics, and composite materials.

    A CNC milling operation involves driving a rotating sharp cutting tool onto a robust block of material such as metal or wood to whittle away at it until the desired product is created. It incorporates computer programming to automate the precision motions to create complicated designs and monitor the entire process. As long as the CNC tools are sharp and the material is manually oriented for machining, the computer program coordinates the movements to cut the pieces in the desired designs.

    CNC machines feature remote tool changers, coolant devices, tool carousels, and enclosures to run efficiently with little human intervention. Over the years, CNC machining has grown in popularity as the primary way to facilitate tooling, so it is hard to eliminate.


    The best thing about CNC machines is that they are adaptable to various applications and industrial solutions. In architectural applications, CNC machining comes in handy to create CNC machines parts, rapid prototyping of intricate designs, large part CNC machining, and other machining capabilities.

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