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Kitchen Appliances Trends in 2019

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There is the warmth that comes from being in the kitchen. The entire family gathers together having meals, sharing their stories, and day’s experiences. The time spent while preparing meals can have moments shared between people or can serve as meditation time. It is the place you enter and leave happy after finding the snack you went to pick. 

With new technologies and ideas, modifying the kitchen has become a big task. Replacing the old devices in your kitchen with new ones is refreshing. The new apparatus perform better and make work easier. There are many trends in devices used in the kitchen every year. Here are the best trends in 2019 to check out for a new look for your kitchen.

  1. Finger touch appliances

Finger touch appliances are a growing trend in 2019. They are a replacement for apparatus that used knobs. Knobs can be boring at times. This is because, after time, they wear out, become loose, and eventually fall off. If you have children, having such devices becomes more stressing. Children want to play with them and get them spoilt in the process.


The new technology of finger touch devices solves this problem. These instruments that have incorporated the finger touch mechanism include cookers, refrigerators, dispensers, and many others.

  1. Flexible refrigerators

Past refrigerators have had fixed compartments in that. The freezer section is just for that. You cannot place items that should not be frozen in that section and vice versa for the other compartment. At times you have many people gathered in your house, and things need to be stocked up in the fridge but not in the freezer. It gets stressful at such moments. 

This new trend of kitchen appliances gets rid of this issue. You can moderate the temperature of a particular area of the fridge to make it a freezer or the ordinary chamber. This way, you can store as much as you want in your refrigerator when having visitors.

  1. Smart devices

When cooking or baking, you never want to get food burnt. You, therefore, stick around the kitchen waiting until the food gets ready. Sometimes you have a lot to do like take care of children, clean the house or you’ve got to work. This makes most people opt not to cook and do the rest of their duties.

The new trends of kitchen devices have this sorted out by introducing smart appliances. These are connected to your smartphone. You can control them and change their settings from your phone; hence, you don’t have to be physically there. For example, you can change the temperatures of your refrigerator; you can switch the oven on and off, control the lighting and other things.


These trends make your kitchen beautiful. When having friends over at your house for a meal or drinks, they usually sit around your dining table admiring your kitchen. It better be looking good. To ensure this, keep upgrading after a while. Do not advance other areas of your house and forget your kitchen. It is the core of the house.

Kitchen appliances trends also make work in the kitchen easier. They reduce the time it takes to prepare meals, and the effort required. Upgrade your kitchen using these three trends in 2019.

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