Jonah Engler Investment Tips on Real Estate for Beginners

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Till date, people consider investing in real estate to be one of the smartest moves. Whether you’re purchasing the home for single-family or you are going to use it for renting it later, or you want to buy a residential property for multi-family, each of the investment needs to be safe and stable.

Many people look at real estate investment as their retirement plan because one can get a high return from real estates. If you are someone who is not into a stock market investment, then you can go for real estate because here you can see your expense in the form of physical assets. 

You will indeed get good returns from the real estate only if you make the right purchase. The gain or profit that one make from an investment should be decent enough to easily suffice the risk that one has taken, taxes that one have paid and the other expenses they have spent on the real estate like regular maintenance, insurance and utilities. So here are some tips that will help you to make your first real estate investment.

Jonah Engler Real Estate Investment Tips

1.Cost: It is true that owning a real estate or investing in a real estate does not come cheap. Nowadays the price of properties has hiked a lot. People who want to take a loan or use funds for purchasing any real estate can do it because it is worth it. 

The process of purchasing a real estate is not that easy as you will have to keep additional costs in your mind like yearly upkeeps, essential maintenance, taxes, utilities, and upgrades. Know the market properly before jumping into it. 

2.Property Type: Take some time to decide the kind of property you are interested in investing in. One can go for residential or commercial properties. One can purchase the house and rent it out as the vacation rental. 

If you are not into residential buildings, then go for commercial ones. Before you invest in a property, analyze what you want to do with it and plan the goals accordingly. 

3.Local Investors: If you are a complete beginner, then take help from local investors. You can convince them to show you their properties, and they will happily do so. Local investors or online investors have a better idea about real estates and what will work for you. 

4.Take Your Time: Do not rush yourself into purchasing a real estate. Analyze the market conditions like neighborhood factors, resale value or properties available for rent. Before you commit and take this big decision, try to see at least 100 properties. 

Purchase REIT: Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT will enable you to avail the property without having the physical property. REIT is similar to mutual funds. 

Here the companies will own these commercial properties like hotels, retail stores, apartments, office buildings etc. and you will have to invest in that company as it offers high dividends, so it is a great choice. Use a broker to purchase the REIT which is traded publicly. 

According to, one should consider establishing a Limited Liability Company that helps with risk management. 

5.Decide Terms: After you decide the location and the property type where you want to invest in, you will have to decide terms. It will consist of calculations related to yearly cost, fees, rent, emergency fund and other miscellaneous expenses that are needed to be there in the overall budget. 

One will have to analyze whether the price of utilities will be present or not. You will have to ensure that you have enough funding that will help you to give your investment a good shape. 

If you are planning on having different types of properties in various locations, then you need to hire the property manager. This is one of the most prime things that you need to do and don’t be blindsided about the bills. 

7.Growth: When someone is investing in a real estate, they will eventually want to sell it immediately or in future to get more profit from it. 

The prime goal is to sell the property at more price than the amount that you have paid. One can increase the market value of a real estate by doing simple additions and upgrades. After upgrading the property, one can expect to get more value from it. 

8.Contacts: Keep contact with people who can help you with the process. Have a list of go-to people who will make the process hassle-free for you. Some essential resources are money lenders, real estate agents, CPA and attorneys. 

One will also need other people to make the property stay in right shapes like a handyman, electrician, plumber, inspector, contractor and pest control experts. Have their numbers as you would need them till the end. Invest time to understand whether the property is worth the money or not. 

9.Check the Area: Location is a prime factor when you are thinking of purchasing a real estate. Don’t just buy the property if the price is reasonable; check the locality. You must do a thorough research on the market value, neighborhood and location. 

Jonah Englerasks investors to research the competitors and see whether one has picked the right property. If you are opting for a vacation rental or residential property, then consider the distance of the place from tourist spots, community etc. If you are going for the business rentals, then check for demographics, parking, and population. 

10.Purchasing Power: Analyze the purchasing power that you have currently when you are thinking of investing in real estate. One can purchase the real estate and give it on rent. 

The money that one gets from the rent can be used for paying off the property loan. Here you need to make a small down payment to avail the investment property. 


Here is a list of top 10 tips that you need to consider if you want to make the perfect purchasing decision. Real estate investment can be advantageous if you know where and when to invest. 

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