Sump Pump Sounds Like Washing Machine

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I received an email from one of my avid blog reader-Caroline from Georgia- her mail read like this- my sump pump sounds like washing machine, how can I fix this problem?

I dug around and after researching tons of webpages and consulting my local plumber, I gathered information that I think might help you fix this problem.

Below is a detailed guide on how to fix a sump pump that sounds like a washing machine as recommended by Soundproof Nation, a leading DIY soundproofing website.

Sump Pump Noise Types and How to Fix Them


Sump pumps sometimes make this sound if the pre-set-shut-off off height has not been set correctly. Ideally, the pump is meant to turn off before the water moves to the pump’s intake point.

The sound is like that of someone sucking liquid through a straw, and it commonly happens when the pump dries.

Solution: If your sump pump is making a slurping sound, call a professional to inspect and adjust the shut-off height and make sure the pump is operating well. Make sure it is set to always have some inches of water in it.

The valves may need replacing to avoid further problems.


It is common to hear gurgling noises when the water flows through the pipe when discharging. However, these noises may worsen off and destroy your peace. 

Standard pumps are the biggest culprits for gurgling.

If you are interested in sump pump fixes, read more here

Solution: Use a spring-loaded replacement valve to reduce the noise since it manages the water flow by ensuring that it flows evenly through the plumbing. 

You can also adjust the switch of the pump to ensure the water does not empty of the basin completely.


If the discharge pipe of the sump pump is connected to the sewage pipes, you may hear some vibrations as the water passes through the plumping system.

To dampen the vibrations, wrap the pipes with rubber foam insulation. 

However, laws in some areas require the discharge pipe to route water directly outdoor instead of passing t through the sewer pipes.

Solution: You can call an expert to reroute the discharge pipe for you to ensure that the sump pump system complies with the set requirements.


After the water is discharged into the pipes, the sump pump produces a clanging sound when it comes in to contact with the floor, wall, or the basin.

Solution: cover the sections that come into contact with each other with a rubber or waterproof foam material. 

The rubber can also be used underneath the lid of the pump since it can create noise when the pipe gets into contact with the components of the pump.

You can also wrap the pipes with an insulator to dampen the noise whenever the pump comes into contact with the basin or wall. 

Reroute the pipes in case they were not correctly install and if they have too many joints and consider replacing any pipe that has rusted.

Motor Vibrations

Old sump pump models from PVC or plastic make more noise than new iron cast systems. Modern pumps have self-lubricating motors and produce less noise.

If your system is old and you have tried using rubber stoppers, consider a replacement.

Ensure the replacement features cast-iron construction and self-lubrication. The lid should also be fully insulated to reduce noise levels.

Just like any other equipment with moving parts, a sump pump requires regular maintenance since it is prone to wear and tear. 

Call an expert to do some of the maintenance tasks like testing the pump’s discharge, adjusting the float, and checking the valve.

Reasons why Your Sump Pump Sounds Like Washing Machine

There are some reasons why your sump pump is making sounds like that of a washing machine. They include;

The Sump Pump Extends Above the Pit

A sump pump extending above the pit is one of the leading causes of a noisy sump pump. 

The Sump pump system should be inside the sump pit so that the noise will remain underground. 

If the pump is above the pit, all the sound will echo back into your basement or crawl space.

Poor Sump Pump Design

A sump pump system should be entirely made of cast-iron and should be self-lubricated to prevent friction when operating.

Don’t go for the plastic design because they are cheap since they heat quickly and can break down anytime.

Uncovered Sump Pit

Sump pits have sounds of water gurgling and mechanical sound of the pump in operation. 

The pit should be covered with an airtight lid to block the noise coming from the underground. 

This way, no noise will reach your house, thus have a quiet time when the sump pump is operating.

Poorly Installed Discharge Lines 

Ensure the discharge lines are straight as much as possible. When the water travels at a 90 degrees angle along the pipes, it tends to produce a lot of noise as it flows. 

You can try using two- 45 degrees angles instead of 90 degrees to reduce the sound produced.

Vibrations from The Discharge Pipes

When the water is flowing through the discharge pipes, it makes some vibrations and rattles against the fixtures at home and the sump pump lid.

The vibrations can be reduced by installing rubber grommets in the area between the discharge pipes and the lid. 

The grommets will not only absorb the vibrations but also seal the sump lid to keep the discharge line still. 

Final Thoughts on Sump Pump Sounds Like Washing Machine

If your sump pump sounds like washing machine, above are some of the ways to fix it. It’s always important to inspect the type of noise produced by your sump pump.

This is because, different noise types require different approaches to fix them.

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