Jewellery Studio With A Traditional Outlook | Rathod’s Design

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 Jewellery Studio With A Traditional Outlook | Rathod’s Design

The designer sensitively and curatively conceptualized the brief by installing traditional elements into a robust contemporary set up to create an extraordinary experience in this compact space.

A winsome space that so mesmerizing that it is worth each of its dime! It is a 200 sq. ft. jewelry boutique in Ghatkopar, Mumbai that serves its exclusive clients only on an appointment basis. This space is heartily liberating, satisfactorily classy, and immensely luxurious; aptly designed to communicate the essences and its purpose to the user group.

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The client had envisioned a hustle-free, clean space with an amalgamation of contemporary as well as traditional characteristics. He had insisted on the turquoise color to be a part of the design. The designer sensitively and curatively conceptualized the brief by installing traditional elements into a robust contemporary set up to create an extraordinary experience in this compact space.

Space is an eloquent setup fashioned with the carved wood wall, lively bright colors, and cork wallpapers with a splash of gold to bring to life the envisioned opulence. The perfect conversation between the white and turquoise sets in the right mood to dive into the luxurious indulgence that space has to offer. The turquoise wall is an art in itself with its quintessential shade, exquisite wall frame, and the customized lettering. These letterings were handcrafted by skilled artisans to correspond with the theme and also function as a door handle for the office that lies behind it. They designate the name of the store in Hindi.

The enchanting turquoise gets enhanced manifolds with its complementary carved white wood wall. This carved cladding is a composition of patterned stripsof various sizes brought together to generate a unanimous look. The patterns include floral motifs, vertical flutings, extruded squares, wavy textures, and plain slits in different widths. This process involved a lot of trials in attaining this hard-earned perfection for the highlighter wall.

The wooden strips are aligned vertically to perceptually accentuate the verticality of the space. This wall induces tranquilizing vibes instilling a sense of tradition and valued craftsmanship. The pattern interrupts itself to create cubical recessions with spotlights to display their limited and exclusive jewelry pieces. These pieces in its perfect ambience, shine out to look atrocious and captivating to the clients.

The junction of the white wood wall and the perfect turquoise sets a perfect equilibrium generating a reverberating effect. Further enhancing the vibe, the framed mural of the lord takes its place to enrich the essence of luxury into the corner. The space is well-lit with sublime lightings-with the table and its rear wall getting highlighted with the perfect linear spotlights.

The wall with the main door creates another interesting niche with its cork wallpaper with splashes of gold to add to the lush feel. It takes its place in the nook acting as a backdrop for its antique elements playing their part in the forefront. The carved wood pattern extends itself to the door curating a duet with its turquoise companion. The wooden flooring aids the commercial look giving a uniform floor pattern to the boutique.

Coming to the furnishing elements of the space, there is a play of tradition and contemporary. The main display table is neat and minimal with a white glass top. Three comfortable sofa chairs complement it with the spotlights focused on them. Traditional furnishings station themselves in the intricate corner giving it a traditional touch. This corner is a perfect example of reusing furniture to beautify a new place. They are brought in from a reseller to retain themselves in their original forms. Thus, an old school wooden bench, perfectly flawed side table and, the jeweled trunks come together to shape it all up.

A larger wall in the room is left untouched for a large mirror. The mirror acts dually in perceptually magnifying the space along with reflecting all vibes and feel and also adding convenience for the clients in trying out the jewelry on themselves. Altogether when space and its element come together to transfuse the aura of its splendidness and purpose, a place starts to live. Here, it is exactly what has happened!


Firm – Rathod’s Design

Project Type– Retail interiors

Location – Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Area- 200 sq.ft.

Project year – 2018

Principal Architect – Riddhi Rathod

Design Team – Riddhi Rathod and Sangeeta Sanga

Photography Photographix (phxindia)

Text Credit: Megha Hirani

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  • An intresting play of colours brings to life the whole space, making it feel much larger than 200sq.ft.

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