Influenced Wooden Railing with Bookshelves | Designed By : VG Studio 

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Influenced Wooden Railing with Bookshelves | Designed By : VG Studio 

About “Band Rail”:


“Band-Rail” the wooden railing ripples effortlessly through space while holding considerable book weight.  Colorful book covers and magazines add beauty to the living room area in this little loft apartment and adorn the rhythmic repetitive character of the handrail’s vertical components.  Storage space is integrated into the staircase and generates an elegant and vibrant environment.

Made of wooden ‘gills’ and supported by a minimal steel beam the handrail is mechanically fastened and brought to site in a few pre-assembled pieces that fit inside a standard car.  The wood was selected to optimize automated router cutting considering variables of thickness, grain, and softness. No glue, no tint, and router-refined edges to prevent sanding make the building process seamless.  Joints are coupled in between components through shape and precision; resulting in the detox of the process.

The addition of simple generative and fabrication steps makes “Band rail” eye candy and the resulting fabrication process keep it clean to share space with.

Source: VG Studio

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