Indian Traditional Home Underscored with Elements of Islamic Design and Minimal Accents | Studio 926

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This new Indian traditional home in Gujarat, by local practice Studio926, is a clever interplay of light and shadows, terracotta plate roofing and exposed brick surfaces as well as open and closed spaces. Located in Godhra, a high-density community residential area a short drive from the central bus station, the interiors of the house were designed by architects, Studio 926, Shailesh Patel and Ronak Patel for a family of two as a space to live in and receive guests and family.

Indian Traditional Home Underscored with Elements of Islamic Design and Minimal Accents| Studio 926

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The ideology is to have separation to the rooms but still maintain an open feel, capturing traditional details without overpowering them while also keeping the house minimalistic and understated from the inside to the outside. To achieve this aesthetic, a brown & grey palette is used, accented by oak tones, textured grey patterns and Bondi tiles, enabling the interiors to feel airy and connected to the outside. A unique balance of a sophisticated mix of traditional Islamic elements and contemporary design styles can be observed in the Mithiborwala Residence.

The internal spaces are rich in textures and views. To break the monotony, the hallways are lined with a pattern of veneer and glass. The internal arrangement is clear and straightforward. Sprawling and elegant, this minimal home features a timeless collection of furniture and lighting with pieces assembled from Be Komfort, Vadodara.

The whole house features Bondi patterned encaustic tiles with indigo-coloured galicha carpet reflecting the culture of the client’s community. Upon entering the living area with a raw & earthy colour palette, one observes an uplifted sofa with sleek legs and a textured accent wall which breaks the linearity and brings volume and textural depth to the space.

Displaying a neutral colour palette, the battened false ceiling of the dining area creates a pleasing contrast with the earthy tone. A balloon pendant lamp ornate the marble table top of the dining table having heavy wooden legs with a rose gold finished base. The matte black cabinets stand out and make a bold statement in the modern modular kitchen adorned with Bondi tiles.

Continuing with the traditional approach, the bedrooms can be seen covered in earthy and matte tones of grey and brown to lend a sense of sophistication and warmth to the whole space. The wooden cupboards lined with rattan artwork with custom wooden handles, the four poster bed along with the wooden jharokha crafted in the existing niche adds character to the room and glorifies the traditional theme of the space.

The remaining two classy bedrooms present an attractive colour combination of brown, white and blue & teal. Also, the veneer wood panelling on the walls and the patterned fabric of the headboard and curtains elevate the character of the room. Furthermore, the contemporary sofa assorted from Be Komfort, Vadodara and the traditional galichas (carpets) from the clients’ collection aligns with the ideology of the project.

A screen of terracotta jali breeze blocks envelops all visible surfaces of the building roof, responding to the client’s request for privacy. The shadows cast by the sun change throughout the day, making the area dynamic and ever-changing in all seasons. A natural and less customised look is achieved by scattering many potted plants of various heights across the space. With the brown of the terracotta, the greens of the corrugated sheets, and the rough texture of the flooring, the indoor spaces are rich in textures and vistas.

Shadow is the building’s most important element. The abundance of sunlight in the local climate was a major factor in the planning process. The roof structure gracefully utilises changing light patterns throughout the day, harnessing natural light to create ‘dynamic drama.’ This both floods the spaces and serves to shape the interior’s character.

Fact File

Designed by: Studio 926

Project Name: Shadow Play

Project Type: Residence Interior Design

Principal Architect: Shailesh Patel & Ronak Patel

Execution By: Bijal Shah (Doric Design PVT. LTD.)

Year Built: 2021

Project Size: 2600 Sq.ft + 2000 Sq.ft Terrace

Project Cost Approx: 1.2 Crore

Location: Godhra, Gujarat

Text Credit: Yamini Shah

Photograph Courtesy: Sudhir Parmar

Firm’s Instagram Link: Studio 926

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