Increase Your Curb Appeal With Elegant Glass Pool Fencing

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A glass pool fencing increases your home’s value because it enhances the beauty, is easy to maintain, and provides added security for your children and pets.

A pool is a great addition to the house. You can enjoy a relaxing time and have fun. Pools can be costly to install, but you can get a return on your investment later on. If you decide to sell your house with a pool, you will get a good deal. To further increase your curb value, you should definitely install a glass pool fencing.

What Is Glass Pool Fencing?

Glass pool fencing is putting barricades to safeguard your pool. Reinforced glass panels are anchored to the base to create this study barricade. Now the word barricade may sound a bit brutish, but glass pool fences certainly look beautiful.


The modern glass fences are even more aesthetically pleasing yet easy to maintain and cost-effective.

Type Of Glass Pool Fences

There are three types of glass pool fences-

1. Framed Pool Fence

These are the most common and traditional types and feature reinforced glass and stainless steel as the frame. The stainless steel posts are firmly anchored to the ground or base. The glass panels are added, and to lock it down, the top bar is securely attached on top of the glass panels.

2. Semi-Framed Pool Fence

Semi-framed fences are a combination of modern and traditional fences. It has the reinforced glass panels but keeps the frame to a minimum. You won’t find a thick top bar on these fences, but you may find a handrail.

3. Frameless Pool Fence

These are the modern and more fancy looking fences. The entire fence is a series of seamless glass, and you won’t see any visible joints. The glass is extremely durable and of high quality. The corners are polished and smooth.

There is practically no metal or steel in the panel or above the panel. There are only stainless steel hinges that attach the bottom of the glass panel to the ground.

Why Choose Frameless Pool Fencing?

Out of all the three, frameless pool fencing is the most preferred. For starters, it looks amazing.

You will not have any metal or borders surrounding it. Diving in the pool should feel relaxing and free. If you dive up and see a steel-framed cage around the pool, that will definitely kill the mood.

Costs Of Glass Pool Fencing

The cheapest out of the three is the traditional framed glass pool fence, for which you would need about $450 per square meter. For semi-framed glass fencing, you will have to spend $640 per square meter.

The frameless pool fences are the most expensive and high-quality ones and will cost you around $860 per square meter.

How Does Pool Fencing Increase Property Value?

You might be thinking that installing a pool fence comes at a hefty price. To be honest, depending on the material and aesthetics, it surely can cost a lot, but it is a good investment when you want to sell your property. A glass pool ceiling tells a lot about your house. It shows that you gave attention to detail and cared for your property.

These are a few reasons why a glass pool ceiling can help you get a good deal on your property-

1. Increases Aesthetics

A nice glass fence does not only complements your pool but also makes the garden look better. It makes the place look more luxurious and definitely stands out. Not every house has a glass fence, and this unique feature will make the buyers attracted to the place.

You can relax in the pool and still look at the plain grasses and sky in one frame. The crystal clear glass will make the place feel more tranquil.

2. Easy To Maintain

When you buy a house, you would want it to be magazine ready. You may think of adding some features to the house but ultimately back down when you see the price.

However, having them already installed in the house changes the buyer’s perception. It’s a good deal for both parties. A pool glass fence is one of those unique features that make the house look complete.

And the best part is that it is very easy to maintain. These glass fences last a long time, and the buyer does not have to think about regular cleaning. Since it is made of glass panels and stainless hinges, they do not have to worry about rust or corrosion.

These glass fences are much better than ordinary wooden or metal fences simply because of their inability to get rusty.

3. Provides Extra Safety

Now the aesthetics are a major factor for getting the right price. However, its key selling factor is the undeniable additional safety it provides.

The panels may be made of glass, but they are incredibly strong and are industrial grade. It also has smooth corners, so you do not have to worry about safety.

Your children can not simply run into it and break it. It is high enough so your child or pet cannot climb it. It is highly unlikely that a storm will break it into pieces. Overall, you will not have to worry about its strength.

Potential buyers will love the fact that their children and pets can play outdoors in the garden without falling into the pool.

All these factors can and will influence the buyer to raise their prices.

How To Install Frameless Glass Fencing?

The installation processes can be unique and different for pool glass fences. But whatever the case, you do not need to have a special base to install it. They can practically be installed on any type of surface, whether it is a concrete or wooden floor.

There are mainly three different ways the glass panels can be installed. The spigot fixed method uses stainless steel plugs to bolt down the panels to the surface. If you want to make your glass panels seem like they emerged directly from the ground, then you can use the slot-fixed installation method.

In this method, the slots where the panels are attached stay underground, making it feel like the glass directly emerges from the surface. And finally, there is the button fixed installation method where the panels are firmly attached to the durable plugs below the ground.

You can choose any of the installation methods and rest easy regarding its durability.

Do Frameless Glass Ceilings Break Easily?

Pretty sure everyone who wants to or has decided to install pool glass fencing has wondered whether the glass is fragile and breaks easily.

Well, it is glass, and with enough force, just about anything can break. But it is easier said than done. The panels are tempered glass, which means they are way tougher than ordinary glasses. Most tempered glasses can be six times stronger or more than ordinary glass.

You may notice a little shaking in the panels if there is a storm or strong winds, but your panels will not be going anywhere anytime soon. The glass is strong, but the plugs, bolts, and spigots attached to the surface are even stronger.

So, you do not have to worry about children or pets running into the fence and breaking it or even strong winds shattering the glass. This is glass that not only looks good but also lasts for a long time when taken care of.

How To Maintain A Glass Fence?

Speaking of care, there really is not that much to look after. Maintaining a glass fence is easy and does not cost that much. But since they are made of glass, to keep them squeaky clean, you need to properly clean them.

All you have to do is get some water, a liquid soap or dishwashing liquid, a sponge, or a piece of cloth, and that’s all!

Use the sponge to nicely add soapy water to the glass panel. After that, you can rinse it off with your water hose. You can let the panels dry naturally in the air or use a dry cloth to soak up the water. You also do not have to clean it every week. In fact, cleaning it every three to six months will suffice.

If you have multiple people using the pool every day or frequent pool parties, then you may need to clean it more often. If it seems bothersome, choose self-cleaning glasses for the panels, and you are good to go.

Your maintenance activities will probably be non-existing if you use self-cleaning glasses, but they will cost you more.

The glass pool ceiling has practically no upkeep cost and does not require any finishing. All you have to do is a little bit of cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Glass pool fences have become quite popular but are still a very unique feature for your house. The initial and installation cost may be high, but it pays off in the long run. It provides excellent security for your family and can also fetch you a good price whenever you are willing to sell the house. Be sure to consider your budget and the quality of the fence before buying one for your house.