• 12 Things A Water Filter Can Protect You From

    Today, drinking water is readily available, but it still has several impurities. Water is a vital element in life that comprises 60% of the body and plays an important part in essential bodily functions and chemical processes. That’s why consuming the best quality water is the key to good health, and this is where water filtration plays a vital role. 

    Due to the higher risk of possible water impurities, the demand for water filtration is gaining popularity throughout the years. This is because tap water may be harmful since there’s a huge chance that contaminants will affect the overall water quality. Additionally, chemical, physical, and microbiological impurities from different water sources can make the water unsafe for consumption.

    Things A Water Filter Can Prevent

    In the past, boiling water was enough to eliminate most microorganisms and bacteria. Sadly, there are changes in recent years in which boiling water can no longer remove contaminants, such as pesticides and other hazardous chemicals, present in the water supply. With water filtration and purification options, you’ll be able to make the water safe for consumption. This is because water filters can eliminate harmful chemicals and bacteria responsible for health issues. 

    Water filters, such as those from Filtap, can remove various physical, biological, chemical, and radiological elements, including chlorine, lead, calcium, bacteria, salt, minerals, and even carcinogens. Thus, one of the best moves you’ll make to ensure safe drinking water for your home is to have a water filtration system.

    Here’s a breakdown of the things that water filters can protect you from:

    1. Chlorine 

    Chlorine is a famous sanitation agent. While it’s useful, it often leaves behind an undesirable flavor and odor. Take note that chlorine alone isn’t the issue. But it’s the blend of chlorine with other elements in the water that makes it harmful.

    Consuming water with high amounts of chlorine and other compounds can trigger digestive issues. This is because it’ll eliminate the beneficial bacteria, giving you a weak immune system.

    2. Microscopic Particles 

    Dust, gravel, sand, fibers, rust, metals, oils, sediment, silica, and microplastics are only some of the miniature invaders present in the water.

    3. Bacteria

    There are various types of bacteria in the environment. Although most varieties are harmless, some can be dangerous. Bacteria are also present in the water supply. Specific forms of bacteria, such as cholera, have been a cause of concern for many years. Fortunately, with the help of modern sanitation and better filtration methods, the disease is under control.

    Water filters remove bacteria from your drinking water. Take note that some types of filters are better at removal than others, such as an activated carbon filter. On the other hand, reverse osmosis filtration systems are good at removing giardia, salmonella, cryptosporidium, and E. coli.  

    4. Fluoride

    Fluoride is naturally present in water, soil, and certain foods. The addition of fluoride to the water supply can help lower the risk of tooth decay. Sadly, too much fluoride consumption can lead to several health issues such as dental fluorosis, thyroid, and neurological problems.

    Certain water filtration types, such as a bone char filter or reverse osmosis system, can eliminate fluoride from the water supply.

    5. Lead

    Lead is one of the issues of concern in water these days. The substance is dangerous to children, and the effects of lead poisoning can last a lifetime. Sadly, drinking water takes up a considerable percentage of exposure, leading to kidney damage, high blood pressure, brain damage, and developmental issues. 

    6. Radium

    Radium is a radioactive material that’s naturally present. Since it doesn’t have any taste or odor, it silently enters the body and replaces calcium, leading to bone deterioration. Continuous exposure to radium can trigger vomiting, nausea, hair loss, fatigue, and cancer. 

    7. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

    Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are contaminants in drinking water. These compounds are typically present in various household products, including pest spray and paint thinners. The VOCs can seep into the water supply via stormwater runoff or accidental spills. A carbon water filter can effectively remove VOCs from drinking water. 

    8. Arsenic 

    Arsenic can seep into the water supply via rock formations or runoff from agriculture and industries. Long-term consumption of arsenic via drinking water can lead to diabetes, skin lesions, and cancer. 

    9. Limescale 

    In areas with hard water, the bigger the limescale issue will be. This is because hard water contains high concentrations of dissolved minerals such as calcium or magnesium carbonates, sulfates, or chlorides. Limescale is a deposit left behind by calcium carbonate and responsible for the unattractive scale-like layer in your boiled water. Fortunately, a water filter can help remove it.

    10. Mercury

    Mercury is a toxic heavy metal naturally present in ores and rock sediments. It can seep into the underground water either as runoff from landfills or natural deposits. Most water treatment filters with a thin film composite membrane such as reverse osmosis and under sink water filtration systems can eliminate mercury from the water supply.

    11. Asbestos

    Asbestos is naturally present in the environment. Back in the late 19th century, it was a popular material for its resistance to heat, fire, chemical, and electrical damage. 

    The significant sources of asbestos in drinking water include decay of asbestos cement water mains and natural deposits. Reverse osmosis or a filtration system with a 1 micron or smaller filter can reduce the amount of asbestos in the water supply.

    12. Turbidity

    Turbidity refers to the water’s cloudy appearance due to suspended matter particles such as plant and animal debris, clay, biofilm, and limescale. Aside from affecting the look and flavor of water, the particles can accumulate and block the movable parts of appliances that use water, such as coffee makers and ice machines.


    Most water filters can significantly decrease these harmful elements to ensure safe, great-tasting water. You can use water filters to treat the entire house’s water supply or as a source for cooking and drinking.

    Regardless of the water filtration system, you’ll use, whether a whole house water filter or reverse osmosis system, it’ll still ensure safe water for consumption.

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