• Incorporating Pet-Friendly Features Into Your Home Design

    Pet ownership is booming globally, with more households than ever before welcoming dogs and cats in particular into their midst, according to The Economist. Owning a pet brings great joy to our lives, and because of this, it’s only natural that we want our furry companions to be as comfortable as possible within our homes. Thankfully, there are countless ways to ensure that a home is not only enjoyable to live in for your pets, but safe as well. While a few simple improvements can be undertaken at any time, it is also possible to incorporate some pet-friendly features in a home’s initial design. From built-in feeding stations in the kitchen to designated pet rooms, here’s a closer look at easy ways to make your home as pet-friendly as possible.

    Build a pet station

    As much as any pet lover enjoys spending time with his dog or cat, there are times that you will wish that your animal companions had their own designated space within the house. If you have enough land at your disposal, you may want to consider setting aside some space for a designated pet room in your home. For dogs, the area can double as a mudroom, complete with a doggy shower and ample storage space for food, treats, and toys. If you’re a cat owner, consider installing a built-in cat tree, scratching posts, and designated spot for the litter box. It is becoming increasingly popular to have an extraction fan installed in a designated pet room to keep any unpleasant odors at bay.

    Remember the smaller details

    There are a number of ways to make your home design pet-friendly apart from building a designated pet room. Installing a pet door is an excellent idea, especially if you want to give your cat or dog the freedom to roam around your property without giving access to intruders. Some of the top pet doors operate either in conjunction with a special collar that your pet is wearing or via an implanted ID microchip. Another superb addition to your home interior is a feeding station that is built into your kitchen. These stations are not only aesthetically pleasing but also allow your pets to enjoy their meals with the rest of the family.

    Pets love a nice view as much as humans do

    Most cats and dogs love peering through windows at the great big world outside the home. Due to this, an increasing number of homes are being designed with at least one oversized window or glass door that will afford the pets of the house a lovely view of the outdoors. While a cat may be perfectly comfortable perched on a wide window sill, a dog will definitely appreciate a window seat more. Window seats, which happen to be all the rage right now as far as design trends are concerned, can even be designed in such a way that they double as a storage space, or even as a step that an older pet can use to get to its comfy seat with a view.

    Our pets bring an immeasurable amount of happiness into our lives. Making our homes as pet-friendly as possible is the least we can do in exchange for the unwavering affection of a beloved family pet.

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