How to Safely Contain a Dog in the Backyard

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There are many methods of containing a dog in the backyard. But it is important to establish safe ways to doing so without hurting the dog. Options range from installing an invisible dog fence to building a dog kennel . Dogs need to spend time outdoors to avoid boredom and also play and run around. But leaving your dog unattended for long is not recommended. Instead, you should ensure that the dog goes for walks to exercise. Accompanying the dog during the walk makes it possible to bond and is good for your health. Again, feelings of abandonment may lead to restlessness and the dog may destroy things in the home or try to escape when playing outside.

To safely contain a dog in your backyard, you can do any of the following:

  1. Build a confinement for the dog

This is the most common way that many homes use. It is cheaper and more convenient for most households. It is also easier to train the dog on feeding time and places. The main challenge is that the dog lacks space to exercise. Even if the confinement is big, it is not big enough for the dog to play and exercise. If you opt for this method, ensure that the dog goes for long walks for at least two times per day. This way, your dog will be more occupied and will not suffer from restlessness or trauma. Remember a dog is a pack animal and being secluded in a cage may cause psychological trauma and change in behavior.

  1. Invisible dog fence

This is the modern approach towards containing your dog. It is easy to install and may not be so easy to remove. But in most cases, homeowners install it and they are not likely to move from their home often hence no need to remove it once installed. This type of fence can be customized to fit the available space. This is one of the main advantages. You should always attend to your dog even though its movement will be restricted by the fence. Dogs feel lonely when left alone and that is why the company of a human being or even other dogs is important. This helps to reduce loneliness and restlessness which may prompt the dog to escape out of the yard if a chance comes up.

  1. Address behavioral changes

If you notice any behavioral changes in your dog, you should try and establish the reason and see how you can help the dog. Barking is a form of communication that dogs use. Some dogs bark when there is an intruder in the yard. Others may bark to call for attention especially when hungry, thirsty or when they are feeling lonely. Training your dog can help the dog to learn how to communicate effectively. But getting the dog more active may also help reduce behavioral problems. The dog should have more play time outside the yard in the company of a family member. There also special toys for dogs. Toys help the dog feel loved.

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