• Saatva versus Loom and Leaf: Which is Right for You?

    Most people who know or discovers Saatva then find out that the company also operates or manages the brand Loom and Leaf. Normally, they are curious to know which mattress would be best for them.

    Likewise, some people might initially know about Loom and Leaf and then learn that it’s managed by Saatva. We suggest both extra deep mattress protectors by and large. However, you’ll undoubtedly like one over the other, relying upon your personal taste.

    Nevertheless, both mattresses are created to be high-end choices on the market, but affordable, and assert to offer a premium sleeping sensation. For a little help, we’ve put together a comprehensible guide comparing both mattresses. Read on!

    Saatva Construction

    The construction of this mattress is completely different. Saatva arrives with two individual layers composed of steel coils. Moreover, it can differ in height, relying upon the preferences of the user. As such, it can be bought at eleven and a half or fourteen and a half inches thick. Saatva is a hybrid mattress, designed to give support, longevity, and comfort.

    The first layer is made of organic cotton, which is a Europe-style pillow-top. The amazing thing about this layer is that it’s super soft and breathable. The second layer is designed to produce the right lumbar support. It’s a particularly thin layer made of premium memory foam. This layer intends to improve and boost the lumbar support.

    The third layer is built of separately encased coils. These coils are encased with memory foam, and they function as a comfort and contour layer. Moreover, the Queen-sized mattress of Saatva has about 884 coils, which is strongly built.

    The fourth layer intends to establish excellent edge support. It’s situated underneath the top coil layer and the bottom coil layer. Also, it goes along the side of the mattress. The fifth layer is the mattress’s foundation, which is composed of steel hourglass-shaped traditional coils. This layer is typically seven inches thick, designed to make certain that the mattress’s shape is properly maintained.

    Loom and Leaf Construction

    This mattress arrives in a twelve-inches construction, which is, for the most part, dispensed in four layers of various materials. The first layer is designed to produce the required comfort and cooling. It’s about two inches thick and made of high-quality gel foam. Plus, it is conforming.

    The first layer works on scattering the heat from the surface of the bed. Also, there’s a spinal gel layer that prevents heat retention fastened to this one, bringing extra coolness to the surface. The second layer is two and a half inches thick and made of visco-elastic memory foam. It is a five-pound layer designed to function as the core.

    It provides the right contouring support. Also, the foam feels like a mixture of latex and memory foam, which has its standard and excellence. The third layer is two-inches thick intended to produce transitional support. This layer is composed of support foams, and functions as a transitional layer, enabling the comfort layers to convert correctly with the foundation of the mattress.

    The fourth and last layer is five and a half inches thick and composed of support foams. This layer is designed to establish a solid base that you require for appropriate spinal alignment. Also, it adds the form to the bed. It’s designed so that it is breathable enough so you should not get disturbed in the middle of the night.

    Now, enough with the layers. The next component you need to consider is the cover. The Loom and Leaf’s cover is made of completely organic cotton, bringing impressive breathability and a soft sleeping sensation.

    The cover of the Loom and Leaf is not going to lessen the overall aspects of the mattress; instead, it enhances them. Underneath the cover is a thin layer composed of natural thistle, acting as a fire retardant, utilized as a replacement for chemical-based materials.


    The firmness of the Loom and Leaf mattress has two levels. The medium-firm and the firm model. When you rest on this mattress, the first feeling you get is comfort associated with the pillow top cover. Also, because of the gel included in the mattress and the memory foam, Loom and Leaf are typically thick.

    For this reason, heavier people can lie down on this mattress without any worries. Also, the sinkage is formidable, and it won’t make you feel like you’re confined in your own bed. Loom and Leaf do not have any problems with heat retention, meaning you would not have to worry about sweating while you sleep and waking up in the middle of the night.

    The firmness of the Saatva comes in three levels. You can select from soft, medium, and firm. When you rest on this mattress, the first thing you would notice is the cover and the affluence it brings.

    Softness and pressure relief are plentiful, and people who love the strong plush feeling can genuinely appreciate it. Secondly, you’d notice the support and bounce that’s brought by the encased coils. Not like the Loom and Leaf, this mattress has a particular push-back and bounce, which are the reasons why you would think of getting a hybrid bed.

    Lastly, the edge support of Saatva is exceptional. Take note that this mattress is best for sitting and sleeping, offering you a substantial usable surface area.

    Saatva vs Loom and Leaf

    So, which one should you get? Which is better saatva vs loom and leaf? Well, it is indeed a very difficult question because both mattresses are brilliant performers. Therefore, all of it boils down to your preferences.

    We recommend Saatva mattress if you’re searching for a premium coil feel, a plush-style pillow top, want an optimal cooling, bounce, and edge support, and want an excellent soft and support feel. Loom and Leaf mattress is best if you want the cooling sensation and expressed hug, padded, traditional quilted cover, and if you’re searching for the comfort and contour of memory foam.


    It is apparent that both mattresses are among the most excellent options you can purchase right now. Although they’re quite costly than the average models you would get on the market, the quality they bring is worth the money. Again, above all else, it all boils down to your preferences. If you like that bouncy feeling, then you can opt for the Saatva. If you like the traditional memory foam comfort, then you can opt for the Loom and Leaf.

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