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5 Tips to keeping Carpet clean

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Keeping your carpets clean can be as easy as it can be hard, it all depends with your techniques on how to do it. Whether you do it yourself or you need to call professional house cleaning. If you have kids in the house, who may make it hard to keep up with clean carpets or not, there are many tips that can help you ensure that they are always clean. Read on to see five of these tips;

Treat stains immediately

If you are always leaving stains untreated to attend to them later when cleaning the house, then you have been doing it all wrong. The only way to keep your carpets stainless is to immediately treat spills because waiting will only make the situation worse. Also, when cleaning stains, avoid rubbing on them because it only adds on the stains, making it spread. Instead, use a wet towel to blot from the edges of the stain. This way, the stain will remain smaller if you won’t be able to clean it completely.

Vacuum regularly

Another easy way to keep your carpet clean is to vacuum and sweep regularly. Leaving your carpet unattended for a long time translates to dust, bacteria and mites accumulation. This will not only make it hard to clean but is unhygienic for both you and your family. You want to vacuum everyday if you can, especially if you have kids and pets in your house and if you live alone and don’t spend much time in the house then vacuum at least twice a week.

Let professionals do it for you

Vacuuming daily, and treating stains immediately will help keep your carpets clean, but every once in a while, you need to hire professional house cleaning to clean your carpets for you. The good thing about hiring professionals, like the carpet cleaners Perth, is that they do a thorough job and leave your carpets fresh and clean. They will also use premium products to disinfect the carpets and even remove those stains that you couldn’t remove yourself. Also, most of these professionals usually have money back guarantee so make sure to ask if any.

Let the shoes stay outside

Sometimes it may be hard to ask your guests to leave their shoes outside before they enter your house, but doing so will go a long way to help keep your carpet clean. Shoes track germs and dirt to your carpet, so by leaving them at the doorstep means that your carpets stay clean. You can invest in several pairs of slippers and let your guests wear those when inside the house.

Add a mat to your front door

Another cleaver way to keep your carpet clean is to buy a mat for your front door, and even backdoor. Instead of having your guests remove their shoes every time they visit, you can add a door mat to your exterior doors and let them wipe off their shoes before entering the house. Also, when kids and pet(s) go playing barefoot in the backyard or compound, they can use the door mat to wipe off their feet when coming back to the house.


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