How You Can Keep Above Ground Pools Clean

Are you looking to find ways to keep your above-ground pools clean? Then check out the article below.

Having an above-ground pool these days is pretty common and homeowners have to be prepared with all of the responsibilities that come with it. Those responsibilities include keeping the pool clean; the pool cannot be used for fun and games if it is not clean. 

Keeping the pool clean is very important and you can clean it on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Knowing how to properly keep the pool clean can free the need for any possible expensive maintenance. Also, any hazardous pool is not good for swimming conditions at all. Here we are going to show you how you can keep above-ground pools clean.

The Reasons to Keep Your Pool Cleaned

It is important to know why you have to clean your pool, so here are the reasons why it is necessary:

  • To Keep the Pool’s Water Circulated: The water of the pool has to flow and maintain its circulation. The water circulation of your pool is very important because it decreases unwanted debris, so you will have less frustration when cleaning the pool.
  • One-time Debris Cleaning: You may have to clean a large amount of debris from the pool which you can normally see before you swim.
  • The Chemistry of Pool Water: At some point, you will have to modify your pool’s chemistry to ensure your pool has a safe chemical balance.
  • On-going Maintenance: You have to do maintenance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to have your pool stay clean.
  • Interior Surface Cleaning: The walls and the floor of the pool might need additional cleaning even after the water seems clean and there is no visible debris.

Tips to Keep Above Ground Pools Clean

There are required steps to clean your pool’s debris, provide ongoing maintenance, manage water chemistry, etc. Here are some of those ways to help you to keep your above ground pool clean:

  1. Acquire a Good Filter and Pump

Both the filter and pump are very crucial parts of the pool’s cleanliness. Without them, you will have dangerous swimming conditions and a pool full of unwanted debris. The pump for your pool will circulate its water and push the water via a filter to clean the water before it goes back to the pool.

Both the pump and good filter should run 24 hours a day to have good water flow and circulation. But if you are unable to keep those on throughout the night, then you can at least have them run for about 12 hours each day to have good water flow. While installing the output jets, position them to assist with the water’s circular motion to help with the overall circulation.

You can use these above ground pool filters for the best outcomes.

  1. Have a Good Vacuum Cleaner for the Pool

In the market, there are so many good cleaners with different features Some types of vacuums will need manual positioning where other types will need no manual controls. Maintaining a clean pool needs meticulous cleaning using a pool vacuum cleaner.

  1. Clean the Pool Interiors Frequently

To avoid considerable cleaning of the pool’s floors and walls in the future, you have to clean its interior with cleaning brushes which are dedicated to pool surface cleaning tasks paired with natural cleaning solutions. Sometimes the pool might have too high calcium and copper levels or algae. All of those scenarios can result in stains to the floors and walls of the pool’s interiors. 

Staining usually does not occur overnight, and you can easily avoid staining, to begin with; just make sure to vacuum and scrub the floors and walls of its interiors.

  1. Regularly Check or Test Your Water

You have to regularly test your pool water as it can be affected by many different things. The weather, chemicals, and regular use of the pool are just some factors that can introduce changes to the water. You can use test strips or a digital test strip reader to test your pool’s water.

Pool water chemicals are very effective for many situations; any external chemicals or the weather can cause the water’s pH to go up and down. You will need a pH increaser and a decreaser to balance the pH levels. Checking the pH of the pool water on a regular basis can assure you that your pool water chemicals are working as intended.

  1. Balance Out Your Pool Water Correctly

Checking or testing your pool water will help you to decide what you need to adjust, but how can you do those balancing tasks? Well, here are three important ways to balance out your pool water chemistry:

  • pH Level: The pH level shows how alkaline or acidic your pool water is. The good range for pH is 7.4 to 7.6 and going higher or lower will require balancing.
  • Alkalinity Level: This is the highest spike of the alkaline pH range, but it is measured as ppm or parts per million; the ideal alkalinity level is 100 to 150 ppm.
  • Sanitizer Level: The sanitizer level is the total levels of sanitizing materials of your pool. Chlorine is the most popular type of sanitizer and the amount of chlorine to add is determined by your pool’s size.

Knowing those three levels is very crucial to balancing your pool’s water. There are some extra chemicals that you might have to add to create a safe swimming pool.

  1. Shock Your Pool Water

Adding concentrated amounts of chlorine or any other chemicals to kill the chloramines in your pool is known as shocking. Shocking is also known as super-chlorination.

If the pool is not maintained properly, then it will be shocking. The chemicals of the pool might change from the people using it because of their sunscreen, lotion, face cream, hairspray, makeup, oil, etc. All those chemical changes will lead to an outbreak of bacterias and algae. This is why shocking the pool is a necessary step. 

  1. Sanitize the Pool Water

Sanitizing the pool water involves the extermination of bad chloramines and bacteria. Chlorine is the main additive in pool water and it is the best sanitizer you will ever need. It is up to you to decide whether you want to add chlorine or other sanitizing options but chlorine tablets can be the best value for your buck.

Chlorine tablets are very effective because they are highly concentrated. They do not dissolve in the water right after you put them in, but they help by adding a small amount of chlorine to your pool over time. This lets you determine how much sanitization you actually need in your pool water.

  1. Clean the Water and Keep It

Keeping the pool water clean is a huge task that requires your valuable time. This task will become bigger if you decide to put it off. If you want your pool water to be clear and not tinted green or brown, then it is best to clean the water on a regular basis.

  1. Wash the Pool Filters

After you have installed your pool filters, your job is not done because you have to wash those pool filters eventually. Those pool filters suck out and store debris from the pool water and it will stop working properly after some time. This is why we are suggesting that you wash the pool filters on a regular basis. 

  1. 10. Maintain the Pool Even When Winter Comes

If you are thinking of closing your above-ground pool when winter comes, there is still a way that lets you clean your pool and make it prepared for the winter season. Pool maintenance in the winter is also known as “winterizing.” Here are some steps to winterize your above-ground pool:

  • Remove All Equipment: Remove all hoses, filters, ladders, and pumps from your pool.
  • Dump Old Filter Cartridges: Dump your old and used filter cartridge so that you can start to use a new one in the next pool season. 
  • Clean All Equipment: Clean all pool equipment.
  • Drain Every hose and the Filter Tank: Clear every hose and filter tank then make sure they do not have any water left in them.
  • Balance Pool Water: Balance out your pool water again to ensure that you will have good pool water when summer comes.
  • Include Winter Chemical Kit: Get the right chemicals to correctly winterize the pool.
  • Cover Your Pool: After all of those steps, just cover your pool with a pool cover to keep any debris out.

Final Thoughts

It might seem that it needs a lot of work to correctly maintain or clean your above-ground pool. It does unless you are smart and follow our steps to keep your above ground pool cleaner.

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