How to Write a Resume for a Designer Position

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Writing resumes is not an easy task. Whether it is your first time writing one or if you are applying for a different job, there is a lot of pressure associated with it. Good jobs are becoming scarce, so the competition is at an all-time high which increases the significance of resumes.

First impressions are crucial. Your resume is the first encounter between you and who could be your future employer. So, you want to make a positive influence. There are many ways to compose a CV, but some are definitely more effective than others. The graphic design resume you write should not be haphazard. It should have an order to it; otherwise, it’s just information sprawled all over. Recruiters have to go through many resumes and do not have time to read them all. Creating order in your resume is a challenging task, which is why many people opt for writing services like Resumesthatwork that write a well-crafted resume for you. For those of you that do not know how to write a resume and want to learn, keep reading!

It should stand out

You submit a graphic design resume to a company and assume you will get the job. You overlook the fact that there are several other applicants, some of them may exceed you in qualifications. This is the sad reality that there are not enough jobs for the number of qualified people. You need to accept the reality that only the best of the best is chosen, and you can use the best writing service to create the perfect essay. You are a designer; therefore, your CV should showcase that by incorporating your creativity but also be readable. Read an essay about design, and it will tell you that the design should add and enhance what is already there. Similarly, when crafting a CV, do not let the layout overshadow your information. There is no point in using an aesthetic layout and patterns if the employer cannot read it.

n appealing and stylish resume will play a critical role in the interview process and assist you in grabbing the job of your dreams. Designing an attractive resume wasn’t an easy task. You might have had to take help from the graphic designer for this purpose. But, with the invention of modern tools, now you can create a catchy resume by yourself within a matter of minutes. You can get assistance from smallSEOtools free resume builder to create an awe-inspiring resume without following any intricate process. This online facility will provide you with a great collection of resume templates that will help you in making a classic resume instantaneously.


One of the most important aspects of a graphic designer CV is the format used. This will make or break your work. There are three major types of formats when it comes to resume writing. we recommend using a writing service to do my essay uses all three according to the requirements. The three types are;

  1. Chronological,
  2. Functional,
  3. Combination.

Each format focuses on a different layout for information. All of the formats start with your contact information. In the chronological format, you mention experience first, which is followed by education and finally, skills. The functional format starts with skills followed by experience and then education. The combination format is a mix of both functional and chronological formats. For a design CV, use the functional format as it highlights your skills.

Your Details

You have to provide your information on the CV. This is common knowledge because if you do not do this, they cannot contact you. Try to keep this brief, and to the point, you do not want to overshadow the rest of your CV. Resume writing tips will guide you to write your name, email address, postal address and contact number, which is usually more than enough.

Education is also a significant factor to include. Most jobs do have an academic level requirement, so adding this to your resume is essential. You can add your degree, the name of the university you attended, what major you chose, and of course, your GPA—also, additional information about any related club that you joined or any awards you received.  In case you do not have a degree, try to mention what you are studying. Be sure to add any club or competition you may have participated in or if you have written an essay on design.


Most companies do look for experience in CVs. Always mention your most recent experience first. Since every job has a different requirement, try and modify your work experience, so it becomes the perfect fit. Suppose a firm is looking for a graphic designer with experience in marketing. In such a situation, mention any marketing experience or teams you have taken part in. For this job, if you state your leadership skills then although an admirable quality but it is not asked, so your resume will be put aside. You can look up other graphic design resume examples to help you understand this as well.

Even if you do not have enough experience, it is fine. You can create online portfolios of your work and link them with your resumes. These portfolios can give you the chance to let your work speak for itself. You should try to build up experience by working with small scale businesses. With a smaller business, the competition is less, and you can acquire the skills needed in other jobs.

What do they require?

When applying for a job, make sure your skills align with their needs and requirements. You need to realize your soft and hard skills. Soft skills include aspects like management, leadership, teamwork, research, planning, and organization. Whereas, hard skills for a designer would be using photoshop, illustrator, creating animations, sketching, and using acrobat. If you have done any courses or acquired certifications, then add those as well. This will add credibility to your CV, as well. By using reliable services like a resume that works, you will get a resume that highlights your skills in the best way possible.

The tiny details

Adding a cover letter with your CV makes such a huge difference. It introduces a sense of professionalism into the CV and these details are catered by expert writing services like resumethatworks. According to stats, more than 40% of recruiters tend to skip CV’s without cover letters. The information on the cover letter should be concise. Try to address it to the recruiter and elaborate on why you want to join that particular company. Briefly mention some information about yourself from the different parts of the CV that seem relevant.

Try to incorporate action words into your CV as well. This will enable you to showcase other skills and make it more interesting to read as well. A few action words you can use for a design resume are;

  • Visualize
  • Conceptualize
  • Direct
  • Edits
  • Photograph
  • Analyze
  • Authored

Resume writing can be a hectic task. With the right tools and skills, you can write up an excellent CV which enables you to be eligible for more jobs. A catchy resume that caters to all the requirements of the designer job will help you to compete with other more qualified applicants.