• 4BHK Apartment Interiors Infusing Peace And Serenity Through Spaces | Shayona Consultant

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    4BHK Apartment Interiors Infusing Peace And Serenity Through Spaces | Shayona Consultant

    The house belongs to a joint family of 3 generations with Vastu being a crucial factor considered for the design. The approach was to convert a 4bhk into 3bhk and designing the other room as a workspace cum puja area, making the apartment look spacious and reviving. It is designed to reflect the occupant’s personality, while not losing sight of the home’s overall character and materiality. The entrance to the house draws the attention to detail that marks the design within. A carved out, engraved; beautiful pattern is used in different ways in various parts of interiors to follow a rhythmic flow. The entry foyer creates a spiritual entry full of serenity, peace, and positivity to the apartment.

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    The cozy vestibule leads to an open plan drawing, dining, and kitchen space that further connects to bedrooms and other activities. The common areas are reinforced with simple, elegant, and clean-lined furniture. The hues of white & grey with wooden touch and polished marble flooring gives simplicity to the interiors. The pattern in the ceiling replicates the overall character of the interiors. The drawing room has a minimalistic and simplistic interior that complements the brief of a modern and timeless home. Italian leather sofas reflect the overall impact of the space. While keeping the color palette rather muted, a variety of textures have been used in the drawing-room to add depth and shadows to the element. The stone cladding wall acts as a perfect backdrop to the furniture of the drawing-room.

    The drawing room opens to a cozy sitting balcony, complete with a swing that enhances the beauty of this space along with the pleasing view. The balcony fetches the west natural light into the drawing-room, dining, and kitchen making the apartment look grand as it gains ample natural light to every corner of the house. The grey PU finish is filleted on the wall of the kitchen that complements the overall color palette of the house. The Corian finish top for the platform and pu finish for the furniture keeps the kitchen bright and natural. The dining top is gorgeous artificial white marble that makes the space even more spacious and light.

    The workspace cum puja room acts as an extension to the kitchen area located in a north-east direction, but visually divided through the sliding glass. Pleasing interiors are all about the right proportions and a good mix of colors and materials and also a balance between client requirements and an effective program. The trendy apartment becomes a perfect home that represents every space individually but gives a perfect ambiance as a whole.


    Juan Montoya states-“A room should never allow the eye to settle in one place. It should smile at you and create fantasy.” The same goes for the Master Bedroom that I have designed. As you enter the master bedroom the blue color of the headboard, the beige color of MCM cladding and the veneer’s brown color together take your breath away & bring a smile to you with the overall design, its composition, and the aesthetics. The Master Bedroom being on the west side welcomes natural sunlight and air throughout the day, making the space comfortable and cozy. Being on the 11th Floor the Master Bedroom also brings in the lush green views of context keeping the space near to nature.

    The design of this room is simple and fresh yet modern. The unique design of the headboard reflects on the wardrobe creating a design theme of the room. The highlight of the room is the MCM cladding paneling on the back of the headboard which creates a drama to the room with its rock texture and with the designer hanging light, boosting the overall ambiance of the room. In the room low height Indian sitting is designed where a person can relax and get calm with the views of greenery in front of him.


    Parent’s Bedroom is defined with soothing tones and clean design. Being the oldest generation of the house the room has been designed in a way that can suit them and also the overall aesthetics of the house. The yellow colored wallpaper on the back of the headboard refreshes the room and enhancing the environment of the room. This bedroom also allows natural light and ventilation like master bedroom and living room throughout the day. This bedroom witnesses the beautiful sun setting behind the clouds, overlooking the lush green in the front.


    Guest Bedroom is rendered with a subtle color scheme inviting the north light throughout the day creating an atmosphere of simplicity.


    Firm Name:  Shayona Consultant

    Project Name: 4 BHK Luxury Apartment

    Project Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    Carpet Area: 2100 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect: Ar. Prashant Parmar

    Completion Year: August 2020

    Photo Credits: Sahaj Smruti Studio




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