How to Remove Unwanted Bees?

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5 Ways to Prevent Any Bee Problem

It’s another pleasant season in Utah. The weather is sunny and warm that invites outdoor adventures to be the best kind of fun. Whether you go camping or hiking, it is a great time to enjoy the summer sun. It is also an excellent warm-season for insects, such as bees.

The Bees

Utah is home to more than 1000 native species of bees. Bees are generally social insects of the Phylum Arthropoda, characterized by a small fuzzy body, wings, six legs, and five eyes. Some species of bees are honey bees, bumblebees, Africanized bees, and a lot more. They may live in colonies or in solitary.

These insects are significant ecosystem members as they help plants pollinate, allowing food to thrive and grow. They are also the dynamic and diligent producers of our beloved honey. But there is more than to these insects than meets the eye.

How do they become unwanted?

Despite their beneficial contribution to biodiversity, bees become unwanted for several reasons.

1. Shelter

Bees can take up residences in your home or building. Any living space that is dark or protected is a significant nesting area for these insects. Hence, if they can find an entryway to get in, you may be at risk for bee infestations inside your home or building.

2. Stings

A bee’s sting is venomous. Bee stings can produce varied effects, from mild or minor reactions to severe allergic reactions called anaphylaxis. Do not fret, though, as bees only sting if provoked. However, if you encountered a swarm or got multiple stings, it is most appropriate to seek prompt medical attention and care.

3. Population

Hard-working as they are when it comes to food and pollination, reproduction is not left behind. A queen bee can lay up to 2000 eggs per day. It only takes a few seconds for the queen bee to lay an egg. A few bees on your property may not pose a problem, but an entire swarm or colony may be dangerous with large quantities of bees.

How to Remove Bees Safely?

It is best to get rid of bees without actually killing them to resolve any bee problem on your property. Even the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other organizations reproved the killing of these valuable insects.

Remember that it is best to contact a local beekeeper, bee rescue, or bee exterminator, especially if you have a bee allergy. Bairds Pest Control has the best people for the job. Bee removal requires extreme caution and expertise as you need to be careful when dealing with these insects. Call us today to help you remove bees in your area.

On the contrary, here are some ways to remove bees safely from your home or building and prevent them from coming back. For your utmost protection and safety, wear protective gear before you commence the job. Protective equipment includes the wearing of leather gloves and a beekeeper suit.

1. Smoke your area.

Bees are susceptible to any strong smell. Smoke signals the bees that they should leave as fast as possible and keep out of the place where they smelled it. All you have to do is start a smoky fire using cardboard and dead firewood under a beehive.

2. Place mint plants.

Mint has a powerful smell that bees highly dislike. Planting mint plants, such as peppermint or spearmint, in a specific area of your home or building where you want to keep bees away. Another benefit is you can use mint for your essential oil collection or food preparation.

3. Create a garlic spray.

Garlic has an intense scent. Bees have an acute olfactory sense, and they also dislike the smell of garlic. Create a garlic spray by crushing some garlic cloves, mixing them with water, and spraying it around your property and their hive to repel the bees.

4. Use citronella candles.

Citronella does not only work for bees but also mosquitoes. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Burn citronella candles near their nesting spot and leave them for a few days to drive them out.

5. Sprinkle cinnamon.

Cinnamon’s strong odor fends off bees. This method should work if you want to drive the bees out of your house but not your garden. You need to spread the cinnamon daily for about a week to last longer.

Remember to stay away from the swarm or beehive when you have finished doing any of these methods. Bees abhor strong scents which may agitate them and even endanger yourself, your family members, and pets.

Who to call to remove bees?

Take no chances. Bairds Pest Control has been in the industry for over 40 years, and our bee removal service adheres to the standard protocols in dealing with bees safely and adequately. For any local bee removal, nest, swarm, or hive, contact us now to schedule an inspection and get a quote.