What to look for in a farm tractor

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A tractor is a necessity in farming, and there is no denying to that. However, you cannot just go and choose a random tractor to get your farming work done. There are multiple factors you will have to consider when you invest your time and money into buying a tractor.

How can you make this daunting task easier? Well, first, do a bit of research before visiting your dealer. Check out the top-rated models in the market like the John Deere 850 and compare their features with your needs. This still will automatically wipe out unnecessary confusion, and you can make the right purchase.

Want to know more factors to consider before buying a farming tractor? Scroll till the end of this write-up to find out what to look for before buying a farm tractor-

Select tractor model carefully

Before you get a tractor, it is necessary to decide the model beforehand. You will choose your farm tractor based on factors like your land size, type of crop, etc. If you own a small farm, a compact tractor will do the job for you.


Small tractors can do most of the jobs like digging, landscaping, mowing, howling, and various others. The essential factor you should look into while buying a tractor is its horsepower rather than the size. If you are a small farm owner, a tractor with 45 to 75 HP will be a good choice.

Necessary attachments

Getting a tractor is not enough to do all your jobs. Attachments are necessary as they help in different functions. For example, a bucket loader is a must for heavy lifting, scooping, and carrying things like water tanks to hay.

Other attachments like brush hogs, which are kind of a big mower, are required when you have to cut brush in fields.

Diesel or gas motor

The next thing to consider while getting a farm tractor would be the motor choice. There are two variants- gas and diesel; however, the diesel one is more useful for modern farming techniques.

Diesel motors run longer than gas ones without heating up and interrupting your farming. If you run the gas motor for the entire day, it can heat up to the level of damaging the motor.

There is a slight drawback with diesel motors, too, as diesel tends to get solidified during winters. But there are fuel additives available in the market nowadays, and if you are using your diesel tractor in the extreme cold, you could mix some fuel additives with diesel.


This is one condition that no one should ignore while getting a farming tractor. You need to cover fast moving parts like PTO with proper safety gears; otherwise, it can take your life, no matter how experienced you are.

Check for a roll over protection system at the time of purchase. A tractor has a high gravity center, due to which it rolls over more easily than cars, trucks, etc. Roll over protection systems come with roll bars extending up over the driver. It protects them from serious injury in case of a tractor tip over.


You might want to get the tractor with all the best features, but that might create a hole in your pocket. Also, deciding your budget beforehand saves you a lot of time and distraction.

Shortlist the features you will need to do your farming smoothly, and then list down a few models. You can also get a used tractor if it comes in good condition. A used tractor will cost you around $5000 to $20000.

Select the dealer carefully

You can’t trust each and every dealer, even in your locality. The best thing would be to do background research about which dealer is known to provide the best services, available brands, if they have all attachments and equipment or not, etc.

Moreover, look for the after-sale service as well. You might need your dealer’s help anytime after the purchase, and that should not be a complicated task.


Mentioned above are some of the crucial things you need to consider in a fam factor. If you are about to get one, make sure to give this article a thorough read. In case of further queries, don’t forget to drop a comment below. Stay updated for more related posts!