How to paint a baseboard: useful tips for an often overlooked detail

Few think about it, yet if you want to change the look of a room, one of the secrets is to rethink its colors, not only about the walls but also about the colors of a baseboard: it is, therefore, interesting to understand how to proceed when you want to repaint the baseboard.

To paint a baseboard you don’t need to disassemble it: you just need to apply paper tape along the lower and upper edges that delimit the wall and the floor, so that the paint that may overflow will not stain the painting of the walls or even worse the wallpaper that you may have applied.

The second trick to be adopted to change the color of a baseboard is to lay a waterproof cloth on the floor, fixing it with the paper tape mentioned above, so that not only the portion of the protected floor is larger, but you get a work surface where to place paint, rags, rollers, and brushes.

Once you have chosen the paint for baseboards, you will have to pour a small part of it into an empty jar in order to start repainting, applying a first thin and uniform layer with a small roller or brush (drained of any excess paint), spreading it carefully so that there is no accumulation of color that would inevitably end up dripping.

After about 2 hours of drying the first coat it will be possible to proceed with a second coat, which will require an equal amount of time to dry: when repainting a baseboard, shorter or longer drying intervals, as well as the number of coats needed, depend on the type of paint used, on the degree of dilution (the first coat is usually quite diluted), and on the substrate (if it is a rough wood baseboard, which absorbs a lot of color, 3 coats or more may be needed, while if it is a baseboard already repainted, which has then been sanded and then repainted with paint, the first coat serves as a primer).

After drying, you can remove the tape from the wall, avoiding that it remains there for too long if you do not want to risk scraping the paint from the walls.


How to paint a baseboard

Painting a wooden baseboard is therefore not a particularly complex job, yet it requires a certain meticulousness since the secret to obtain an appreciable result is to make long, continuous brush strokes, which diligently follow the edges, in order to avoid the “detachments” of color are too evident.

Another suggestion for a workmanlike work is to use white water-based cementite and sponge roll with satin white paint on top.

But there remains the question of the colors to use: when you decide to repaint the wooden baseboard that separates the wall from the floor, you can use the same shade that you use for the walls, in order to save money by using the same product; if you want the baseboard to become a decorative element, you can choose a darker shade to give an edging effect; or use black in contrast to the white of the walls for an effect of great elegance; or opt for a color to be used in all finishes, so as to capture the attention (for example, if you have chosen a pearl grey rather than a dark brown for the doors you could use the same color for the baseboards).

If you really can’t decide which color to use to redecorate the baseboard you could do this: take a picture of the room in its current condition, send it through this form and specify that you want a suggestion for how to redecorate the baseboards of your house, select the area where you live and at least 3 professional partners of ours will answer you, and you will only have to contact directly the one who has given you the answer that you consider most satisfactory.

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