What are the easy ways to protect the roof and ensure its longevity?

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The roof is invaluable for any building because it protects the building from the elements of weather and provides safe living conditions. Any habitable space must have a well-performing roof above the head, and to ensure that it lasts its entire life, you must take proper care. The problem is that once installed; we tend to forget about the roof because we often take it for granted. It is a big mistake, and often you may have to pay a heavy price for it if you need to replace the roof prematurely.

To keep the roof in good shape and health and to enjoy its full life, here are some tips in roof maintenance from the experts of Roofing Lithonia has that will go a long way to recover the investment fully. It will prevent a leaky roof, and early detection of problems will help to save the cost of expensive repairs while protecting the building structure.

Inspect regularly

You cannot turn your eyes away from the roof. Periodically inspect the roof by looking at every nook and corner to detect any deterioration or damage to the roof surface that is visible. Even if there is no damage detected, check for some signs that tell you about impending damages so that you can take early action to prevent it from growing bigger. Especially inspect the roof after high winds or bad weather that can damage shingles, which might even go missing.  Look for flashing damage and signs of damage caused by pests and rodents that show up in the form of shredding and rotting.

Keep gutters clean

Clean the gutters regularly and it can also coincide with the time of roof inspection. When debris and garbage accumulate in the gutters, it clogs the outlet and forces water to find a way into the roofing material and damages it. Every fall and spring, you must clean the gutters whether you do it on your own or hire the services of a roofing company.

Keep branches trimmed

Overhanging tree branches can damage shingles, especially when the climate is bad if broken limbs land on your roof. Rodents and squirrels can find an easy way to your roof by accessing the overhanging branches and damage the roof even more. To protect the roof, keep the trees clear from it by at least 10 feet.  Regular tree trimming is a part of good roof maintenance.

Keep the roof clean

Beware of tree leaves accumulation on the roof that can clog gutters and drains and damage the roof by allowing water to penetrate the roof surface.  Decomposed leaves create a moist environment that is conducive for moss and mold growth and damages shingles in the long run. Clean the roof regularly to avoid problems.

Prevent ice dams

Check the ventilation of your home to ensure that there is proper airflow across the house, especially in the attic. It would prevent the formation of ice dams that could make water flow into the roof surface and adjoining walls and damage it.

Keeping a close watch on the roof is the best maintenance tip that any roofing expert would give to its clients.

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