How to Maintain Your Air-Conditioner in Time for Summer

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The days are getting lighter and warmer in the northern hemisphere as we head towards the new season, and it’s time to ask yourself if your air conditioner is summer-ready. Now is a great time to check if your aircon is in good working order before the endless summer days kick in.

Why is Aircon Maintenance Important?

As one of the highest energy-consuming appliances in your home, it is crucial to keep your aircon in good shape. If you take care of it, you allow the unit to work as efficiently as possible, making your home more comfortable in hot or cold weather. 

You will save a lot of money on a frequent unit replacement if you have your unit serviced often and take care of the daily tasks yourself. Finding out about small issues before they become a bigger problem will save you in the long run. 

You should have an expert like Apollo Home service your machine every couple of months, but here are some things you can do yourself to lengthen the life of your AC. 

Clear the Area Surrounding Your Aircon Regularly

It is necessary to keep any dirt, fallen leaves, growth of shrubbery, etc. away from your outdoor unit. This is a simple task you can do yourself. Make sure to clear the area often, especially after windy or wet days when a lot of debris may have gathered. 

If garden dirt build-ups around the unit, it can damage your aircon. You’ll be stuck with a unit that runs poorly with a shortened lifespan. This dirt can end up in your filters, which will enter your home and make your living space dirtier than you’d like.

Make Sure to Clean Aircon Filters

Cleaning out an aircon filter is very easy to do, and it is one of the essential aspects of maintaining your unit. A professional can sort out filters for you, but you can lessen an expert’s visits if you do it yourself. 

It’s especially important to clean the filters if your machine has not been used for a while, or if you have been using it frequently either to warm or cool your home. You should clean the filters even if you are not using the aircon to ensure good function.

Aside f rom affecting the aircon’s ability to work like-new, not cleaning the filters can affect your health. As the aircon filters help to take out the hot or unwanted air and circulate fresh air as well as to remove dust, it is crucial to make sure they are clean. Dirty filters can trigger health issues such as allergies or asthma. 

Have Your Aircon Serviced Professionally 

While you may be able to do the little things, you will need an expert to service your air-conditioning unit at least once each year. They will do several checks and be able to replace any parts that are not functioning optimally. An expert will also have all the right tools with them to do the job well. 

Your chosen aircon professional will check:

  • The ducts for signs of damage or wear
  • Build-up of moisture that could cause mold that is bad for the lungs;
  • Electrics of your unit;
  • Refrigerant level to make sure the unit produces enough cold air;
  • Overall inspection

Bottom Line

The importance and benefits of having your unit professionally serviced regularly cannot be stressed enough! For the sake of your health, your pocket, and your unit’s efficiency, regular aircon maintenance is key. You’ll be glad you spent the time to care for your unit today!

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