Apartment Interior with An Intrinsic Sense Of Calmness | Tejas & Associates

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Apartment Interior with An Intrinsic Sense Of Calmness | Tejas & Associates

The luxurious residence was created which comes down to experience and creativity. The intrinsic artfulness successfully transformed the vision into a living reality.

Mostly, the difference between a beautiful room and a truly extraordinary one is subtle. Such a tasteful choice of the client was the main inspiration for this amazing duplex apartment. The luxurious residence was created in a mere span of two months which comes down to experience and creativity. The intrinsic artfulness successfully transformed the vision into a living reality. The family aspired for a very subtle interior constituting only wooden textures and white. The designer consciously added some splashes of exciting colors in some areas to naturally draw the attention of the visitors to the star of the space.

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The pretty living area exhibits a dynamic visual contrast in the room, without using too many colors. Especially the focal world map on the wall looks extremely tempting while vividly flaunting distinctive colors of blue and yellow. It seemed the perfect image to start with the entrance. The Turkish blue colored sofa sitting with flashy velvety covers brings a balance to the place and turn an average scheme into a fabulous space.

The striking furniture and accessories in variant feel cohesive breaks through the sober monotony created due to white. The place has got patterns of vertical strips in wood everywhere on the cabinets, center table, TV unit as well as the main door.

The warm ceiling lights give this room instant brownie points due to the initiated comfortable environment as required in such a house. The tailored living room relaxes the dwellers and is designed as per their activities that help the members to unwind. The marble flooring follows a similar clean lingo making an intrinsic sense of calm. The elementary false ceiling design in wooden blends gorgeously with the chic interior. The openings of the house are given a black frame of marble to gracefully define them and maintaining the clean lingo of the space.

The dining space is adjacently placed near the living, attaching these multi-purpose areas, making the floor space look big enough and modern. The four seated dining table features upholstery chairs conserving the subtleness through the brown color scheme used in the house. This simple setup is enough for a small family to come together and enjoy the meals together. The washbasin counter kept at one side of the space has got storage as well for keeping the daily crockery and related items. It has got a ribbon-like arrangement making the elevation look decent and classy at the same time. Following the basic principle of repeating shapes throughout the scheme in a subtle way to read the space as a harmonious whole.

The children’s room too unclutters the complex movements and leads to a calm private world. Alphabets being the main theme of the room caters to the dose of creativity and playfulness, elements required to enhance a child’s room design. The windows kept in the side bring an ample amount of light to brighten up the lively space. The wooden backdrop used accentuates the low profile bed layouts and makes space feel characterized. The study table attached to the cabinets practices the economic idea of saving space and money simultaneously.

The master bedroom greets you with its very own elegant space design. A cushioned fabric wall with the velvety suedette covers on a low-height bed looks sumptuous and will even soften sound to aid restful sleep needed after the stressful day. A similar color pallet has been followed here except for introducing the hues of grey in here. The wooden deck differentiates the sleeping area with the sitting area.  The amazing pendant lightings used at the backside looks superb against the minimalist backdrop. The approach for the scheme is looked at as a whole rather than as separate elements.

Fact File:

Principal Architects: Tejas Kore & Amar Nagmode
Project name: Duplex residence,
Project completion: Feb 2020
Area: 1825sqft
Location: Solapur
Photography: Amar Nagmode

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