How to Keep Your Living Space Looking Modern

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The living room is the most social part of any home. It is where you and your friends and family entertain themselves by watching TV, playing games or celebrating occasions like Christmas. That is why a lot of effort is put into its design and style.

Be they modern chandeliers or a sofa set, it is important that whatever items you have can complement each other. But aside from that, you also need to know the latest trends and designs so your living room stays updated. If you have no idea, then continue reading this article to keep your living space looking modern.

Ideas to Keep Your Living Space Looking Modern

Interior designing can be hard, and hiring a professional can be expensive. So to save your money, here are trends and design that interior designers like to use in today’s modern living room.

Transparency and Nature

Nature can be calming. It is why most people like to do outdoor activities like camping, hiking or fishing and recently designers have begun to incorporate it in their design by putting transparent walls, windows or doors to get a panoramic view of nature surrounding people’s houses.


You don’t have to live in the mountains or forest to get a good look at nature. Your backyard will do just fine. Put a variety of plants in it, and voila, you now have your small pocket of nature.

Of course, it can be daring to use transparent glass since they can easily break, but the visual attractiveness you get is just like no other. Having a transparent wall can also make your living room more spacious. 

Use a neutral color palette for your furniture and décor and dark frames for the glass. This will give your living room a visual connection with the outside, giving you that indoor-outdoor feel.

Elegance and luxury

Elegant and luxurious furniture and decor will never be out of style in the interior design world because of the glamour they add to your living room, which can inspire anyone to do their daily activities, giving you more focus and concentration. But such items and products can be expensive.

If you are on a budget, then going for an eclectic design would be the best option for you. The vibe it gives is that of a luxury hotel, and since it can encompass different periods of styles and bring them together, you’ll be able to add a unique vibe to your living room. So, for example, you can pair modern chandeliers with classic sofa sets or a traditional European table lamp with today’s modern coffee tables. But, of course, it’s all up to your personal preference.

If you are not into eclectic design, then you can go full modern on your style. This can go well if your living room and kitchen are not separated. It visually connects these two parts of your house, making your small living room larger than it seems.

Color and functionality 

Vibrant and brightly colored items are hot recently, and they can be very eye-catching to people when they enter your living room. But a few of your décor and furniture must have neutral colors so they can be tied in together.

If you have extra space then adding more chairs would be great so you can accommodate more people.


Your living room is the most socially active part of your house. It is where you entertain your guests and friends if they come into your house. So it’s no surprise that people put effort into its interior design. If you’re having trouble with this, then follow the ideas above so you can keep your living space looking modern as always.