How to Help the Wildlife in Your Garden

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During the summer months, we see lots of beautiful wildlife visiting the garden and finding comfort in the environment around them. With so many different uses for the garden in summer, you often find that certain tasks can be dangerous for wildlife, such as cutting the grass and trimming the hedges, so it’s important to know how you can help the wildlife in your garden and keep them safe and sound. From avoiding certain areas in the garden where you know the wildlife live, to actively feeding and protecting them, the following tips will help you to properly care for the wildlife in your garden.

Protect the Frogs

One of the most regular visitors to the garden over the summer, especially during July and Autumn is the frog. When the grass is slightly damp and the condensation is setting in, frogs are in their element and love to leap around the lawn and find a nice, cool spot to relax in. This can, however become a hazard to them, as certain gardening tasks such as cutting the grass can put them at risk. If you have a pond in your garden, the best way to keep these frogs, especially their babies, safe and comfortable is to grow some low growing plants around the edges of your pond. This provides a safe, secure spot for them to rest without them being at risk of other activities around the garden. If you do notice frogs in and around the garden, you may want to avoid cutting the grass for a few days, to give them time to move onto their next spot safely.

Pest Control


One of the things that’s very hard to handle during the summer can be pests. Being able to control the pests and keep them at bay often requires strong products which can in turn be harmful to other types of wildlife. In order to keep your wildlife visitors safe, be careful which pest control products you’re using in and around the garden. Whilst you still want to see positive results, you don’t want to put any other wildlife at risk, such as frogs, hedgehogs and so on. Always do your research before investing in certain pest control products and make sure they’re safe to use around other animals that may enter your garden.

Feed the Hedgehogs

There’s nothing quite as sweet as seeing a gorgeous little hedgehog visiting your garden, but they often require some food to keep them healthy and strong. By leaving out some hedgehog food, you can ensure your little visitors maintain their strength and get the nutrients they need to keep healthy during the summer months. With brands like Spike’s you can find specially designed hedgehog food and milk, aimed at giving the hedgehogs exactly what they need to stay happy and healthy. You may even find that by leaving the food out for them, you attract more hedgehogs to your garden which will be an amazing thing for both you and your cute little guests.