How to Get your House Ready to Sell in a Week

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Letting go off your property can be very emotional when you think of selling it. It can have lots of memories associated with it whether you were brought up in that house or you have raised your family or inherited from your forefathers and many more. The essential thing while selling off your home is selecting a real estate agent who has prior experience in this field in your area and in a price range that will be beneficial for you.

You can check the realtor database to find the appropriate realtor to sell off your property. He will help you to evaluate your position in the current scenario and help you to find out the best price for your house. He will also help you to identify the improvements that can increase the value of your home and get it ready to sell in a week.

Here we are penning down some points which will help your house to get ready for sale:

  • The right time to sell: Market conditions are not stable all the time, it keeps fluctuating. Therefore checking if it is an excellent time to sell off your property is necessary. You can research some local and comparable houses with yours which was sold recently and the deal it has received.
  • Financial feasibility: Check if you are getting the right arrangement of your home. Market conditions can affect negatively and reduce the price of your house. Therefore check out the market value of your home is less or more than the mortgage value of your home.
  • Make repairs: There can be wear and tear at many places in your home due to regular use of it. Therefore to sell it in a week you need to repair all the issues like switch problems, leaking pipes or wash basin, cracked windows and many more. Unless you fix them, it can turn off your buyer from buying it.
  • Clean your house: To make it look bigger and of more space, you can clean your house and declutter it. Everyone likes big rooms, clean kitchen, and bathroom so cleaning will be an added advantage while selling your home.
  • Professional Photoshoot is a plus: Due to digitalization buyers and sellers meet online and close a deal. Whenever people are looking to buy something, they will check online, and therefore high definition photo can be an added advantage. It will attract people to engage in conversation, and then you can mould them with other features and benefits.
  • Research on the price: Research on market price is a must while selling your house. It will give you an idea of whether you are selling off your home at a loss or you are in profit. Competitive prices you can get by comparing homes which are similar to yours and was sold for what price.
  • Home tours and open houses: Let people get into your house to check the conditions that you have mentioned online or your agent has communicated the same. Let them see and decide.
  • Let agent decide: They will put your house on listing services in your area and others from where you can get in touch with the potential buyers.

Discuss improvements of your home with your real estate agent. Go for cost-effective renovations which will increase the value of your home. You can do wall painting, changing pipes and plugs, tidying up your landscape, or replace your old roof and many more. This will attract people to buy your house.


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