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The challenge was to design a 2000sq ft space inside the clients the manufacturing unit in Bangalores industrial area, that would aesthetically highlight their manufactured product apparel shirts. The facility created had to cater to clients and their guest who would spend long hours in the facility selecting apparels and signing business deals.

They needed a conceptual design that would break the monotonous liner design of the factory unit and make the inhabitants feel like they were transcended into another domain and not the manufacturing unit that they had entered A concept of Four-dimensional niches was created to hoist the designer shirts and rack them up strategically which would be visually pleasing.


The four-dimensional niche where then finished in neutral colours white duco paint was used, so the clients coloured shirts would be feather in front and highlighted with patterns throughout the facility, also the glossiness would reflect the light and make the area look spacious.

The oak wood veneer used in the spaces would cater to the white shirts produced by the unit that would be highlighted with a brown background.

Each induvial niche was provided with its own spot light above. Making every design equally stand out. The up-side down cycles that would act like hanger has been designed in one of the niches, this would be the surprise element for the visitors which would make them remember the space long after they had left.

The art facts used to decorate the facility tells the journey of cotton from a bud stage to its final element hanging in the shelves. Special state-of-art stand were designed to showcase cufflinks and collars designs of the clients.

A conference table was placed in the center for the clients and guest to see around at all niches with shirts at any point of time in the meeting. The table was finished in dark cheery wood veneer so that it can stand apart and have its own individuality from the niches. The flooring was carpeted to give international clients a sense of being relaxed and being at home.


A coffee machine and table with seating has been installed on the side wall so that the clients and the guest can take a break and spill-out away from the conference table and work. The facility was completed in July 2018 and since then successful seen multiple meetings and business ventures.



Project Name: Bloomcraft Apparel Showroom
Architecture Firm: Ora Design Studio
Office website:
Contact Email: [email protected].com , Phone no- +919920779315
Completion year – July 2018
Built area: 2000 sqft
Project Location: SW 49/50 KIADB apparel park, Arehalli Guddadahalli, Karnataka


Media Provider

Photographer: Beej Lakhani

Photographer website:


Additional credits

Architecture team: Ar Om Lakhani, Ar Priyanka Menon.

Clients: Harsh Somaya.



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