Aloha Restoration Inc. Has Both Home Remodeling And Mold Removal Services At Their Company

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As spring gets underway and it’s time to get to work on spring cleaning and general maintenance around the house, homeowners sometimes run into a few unpleasant surprises while they’re looking around. One such unpleasant surprise could be finding mold in the home, something fairly common in wetter climates or in areas that get heavy snow. Not only can mold have an unpleasant stench and look bad on walls, windows, floors or ceilings where it can form; it could spread and cause health problems, particularly for those who are allergic to it. Some aspects of mold removal aren’t terribly difficult to address, but homeowners may want to consider hiring a professional contractor if they find mold damage is severe or is being caused by a structural problem in their home that they’re not equipped to fix.

Identifying The Most Basic Causes Of Mold

Generally, mold problems are caused by water or moisture that has not been controlled or remedied, so it may be best for homeowners to have things checked such as windows, roofing, pipes or HVAC units to see if water or moisture is leaking in any of those fixtures. Mold removal should also be done if there was flooding that affected a home and caused significant damage to the interior or the foundation. During the summer, it’s very important that homeowners make sure their AC unit’s condensation drain isn’t obstructed because leaks in the central unit or in ducts that haven’t been properly insulated can be a major source of mold growth. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to have regular maintenance done on HVAC units and make sure they’re operating the way they should. Other sources of mold could be a damaged foundation that leaks and causes mold to spread into the wood floorboards or wood panels themselves.

How Simple Mold Problems Can Be Fixed


Mold removal can be done by homeowners themselves if it’s not too large of an affected area and they’ve made sure the problem causing the mold has been corrected. Mold that’s found in places such as window sills, the walls around the shower or bath fixture or other areas that are easy to spot can be cleaned up using cleaning solutions that mix water with substances like dish detergent or bleach. But anyone who undertakes this should wear protective clothing, strong cleaning gloves, a face mask and safety goggles. The surfaces where the mold is will need to be wet with the water, have the bleach or detergent wiped on them with paper towels or rags, and in some cases scraped. Once done, all items should be discarded or bleached to prevent mold spores from spreading.

Hiring A Contractor Like Aloha Restoration Inc.

When homeowners find themselves in a situation where mold has spread around their home and resolving it themselves appears out of the question, a contractor like Aloha Restoration Inc. is probably best suited to handle the job. Aloha has been serving the Lake Zurich and nearby areas around Chicago since 2016. Along with mold removal, Aloha Restoration offers water damage mitigation, smoke and fire restoration, carpet cleaning and full remodeling services. They’ve received high reviews and their parent company Aloha Construction was the recipient of the Better Business Bureau’s 2017 Torch award.


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