How to Get Rid of Clutter: 8 Genius Tips

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We’re certain you’re not the first to deal with clutter in your house. Any kind of mess that’s left lying around or in people’s way, can make a space look disoriented, disorganized, or even present a risk of falling over or stepping into something sharp and painful. Plus, clutter is such a nuisance, especially if you have important paperwork, such as mortgage papers or tax money lost somewhere in the midst of it. 

So, to prevent this problem from escalating any further, you need to do everything in your power to reduce, nay, eradicate unwanted mess from ruining your life. Fortunately, this is just the article that will help you do that.  

So, without any further ado, here’s everything you need to know about how to get rid of clutter: 

  1. Set Up a Place to Put Your Essentials in 

Your room keys, phone, and your wallet are some of the most important items that you can never go without. That’s why you need to put them in a separate place where they won’t get lost, that only you know about and are easily accessible. This could be either a cubbyhole, front entry table, or the shelving that’s right by the door. Whichever place you choose, it will help you be prepared every time you leave your house. Once you understand this, then only you’ll understand how to organize your life and get rid of clutter. 

  1. Clear up Your Desk 

Office supplies can at times be very difficult to find due to all the junk mail, magazines, outdated papers, or old sticky notes lying around. Therefore, it would do you a whole lot of good to remove any unnecessary items that are just in a way or taking up space on your desk. Better yet, it would be more appropriate to corral your office supplies like pushpins, paperclips, and pens in tiny decorative containers, or store the items in the trays of your desk drawers, or flat storage bins. This is yet another great way of getting rid of clutter. 

  1. Make a Proper Sorting System 

When you go through every space and room in your house, you have to have a proper way to sort whatever items you find in your path. More specifically, you need to create a proper system to organize the supplies of the house. A great trip to utilize the “3-Box Method”. Use a permanent marker to mark each of these boxes as “Sell”, “Keep”, and “Charity”. And don’t forget to get yourself a big, lined garbage can, for which you can either sell, donate, or toss or the things that you don’t want. 

  1. Donate or Give Items You No Longer Need 

It’s nice to actually sell or give away items that you no longer have any optical use for. It’s on you whether you want to give those items to the poor, or some kids or folks across the street or the neighborhood that need them. You can make a few extra bucks by holding a yard or garage sale, but it would be even better to simply give the stuff away in a charitable manner just to see the smiles on another person’s face. 

  1. Time Yourself Daily: Between 15 Minutes to an Hour 

You don’t necessarily have to work consistently decluttering your house. After all, you are a human being. Therefore, you need to allow yourself a certain time to yourself in cleaning up the mess around you. You can think of yourself to work somewhere between 15 minutes to an hour. To make sure you don’t burn out, you can take a 15-minute break when the timer runs out. If you’re up to it, you can resume the cleanup of the house after you’re done with your break. If you’re looking for a new house in Ajax, then let Paradise Developments help you out. 

  1. Freshen Up Your Closet 

Closets are another one of the many victims of the clutter bug. Too often we find closets filled with ripped, damaged, stained, or torn clothes as well as those that no longer fit us. Besides that, there may be some additional items that we ended up storing in our closet compartments or drawers at one time a couple of years ago and never bothered getting rid of them.  

So, the first thing you need to do is get rid of clothes that have been torn apart, lost their color or no longer fit. After that, start getting rid of other non-essential accessories and items that no longer have any purpose whatsoever. But before you toss your old clothes away, give them another good look just see if you’ll finally be wearing them or perhaps donate them to charity. You can give yourself some time to think it over, but not to the point where you completely forget about them later on. 

  1. Forget About Sunk Costs 

What are sunk costs you say? – items or objects that you had bought long ago and can never be sold again and get your money back. So, what to do? If you have such items that haven’t been sold or donated to charity, then you need to think about the kind of value they can bring to your life in the future. In other words, try to improvise. As soon as you’ve considered the concept of sunk costs, you’ll be able to make more rational decisions about what you should hold onto, and what you should discard. 

  1. Get Some Help 

Given that we are social animals, it only makes sense to ask others for help whenever things seem too hectic for us. Getting help from family and friends is one of the best ways on how to minimalize your house.