How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Dining Experience

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The evenings are getting lighter, the air is getting warmer, and it’s safe to say that summer is on the way. You’ll be wanting to make the most of it and spend more time in the garden. It could be a space you’ve overlooked and could do with a makeover. You could create a place that is perfect for an outdoor dining experience. No matter the size of your garden, it is packed with potential. 


Firstly, you’ll want to pick the right furniture to create a comfortable space for you to eat at. You need to think of your outdoor dining needs and have your furniture reflect this. If your house constantly hosts big gatherings, you’ll want to opt for tables to fit plenty of people. Or perhaps you want to create a place to have an intimate dining experience for you and your partner. There are plenty of outdoor furniture options out there, and you’re bound to find the perfect set for you. 

Patio Potential 

If you have a solid flooring option, it will create a stable foundation for your furniture. Perhaps you already have a patio, or maybe you’re thinking about getting one. Maybe you think you don’t have space for a patio but you’d be surprised at the potential small spaces have. Two of the most popular patio materials are stone or wood, and each has its own pros and cons. Three things to keep in mind for deciding: budget, maintainance, and aesthetic. 


Just like any restaurant will have mood lighting, so should your garden. It can add a whole other layer to your dining experience and make it feel more special. Candles are a simple touch, plus the smoke can keep away bugs. If you’re looking at long-term lighting options, lanterns are a gorgeous addition to your garden. Think of your garden like an extra room, what areas would you want to bring focus to? 


Even though summer evenings can be delightfully warm, as it gets later it’s going to get cooler. With such a beautiful place you’ve created, you’ll be wanting to stay out for so much longer. So it’s a great idea to have some blankets handy. After the meal, you can pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a blanket, and get cosy. You could also think of other small details to make the perfect outdoor dining experience. Tiny touches can make a big difference for your garden.

Just because you’re dining at home doesn’t mean it can’t be special. With thoughtful details, your garden can be a small escape for you. Make the space comfortable and entirely your own. What would your dream garden look like?

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