• How to Design and Build an Ideal Garage

    A lot of people still think that a garage is built with a sole purpose of just housing a car. However, a huge number of self builders are having an idea of building a multi-functional garage that also has an amazing design. In Spite of what a lot of people use garages for, they add an amazing dimension to your home.

    An ideal garage will not only add an extra dimension to your home but also increase the value of your property together with the convenience. Considering the space that is available, there are a variety of designs that you can apply and build your elegant garage. A lot of homeowners have encountered a challenge as they look for some building solution, At Murray Steel Garages we offer the best and cost-effective building solution that you need.

     Below are some of the tips you should consider if you want to build something special and elegant.

    A better entry.

    Recently, a lot of homeowners are building an ideal garage that faces the street and also the one that is attached to the house’s side. You can access the garage from the house by passing through a small bathroom and also a room which functions as a laundry or a utility room. Such an entry is the best since it is not used a lot in a day.

    This type of design is the best since it saves a lot of money. However, some people might question if easy access is really a good move or even a good choice.

    Living above the garage.

    It is not that hard to build an effortless garage that is at the side of your house without looking so superior. However, it can be a lot more challenging to create an elegant design of a garage that is above your house. This is as a result of the joined wall heights of the ideal garage and the whole space above it.

    Living above your garage can be very economical since you can also create a rental space, an office or even a media room. To successfully add living space on your ideal attached garage, ensure you try and keep a distance between the top of the door and the garage ceiling.

    Attached vs. detached.

    We all are used to seeing garages that are attached to all of our houses. Well, this kind of design is beneficial since it offers a lot of conveniences especially in wet and cold weather. However, they offer a limited range of designs for your house and also garage. If you want an ideal garage with a wide range of designs, a detached garage is the best option.

    There are a lot of benefits that come with a detached garage one of them being so spacious and also offering a wide range of designs.

    Plan the stairs.

    Planning the stairs to access the garage also adds an elegant design to your garage. You can choose to put them inside the garage by placing them on one side. You can then create a work area or even a storage area on the other side of the garage which created a balance in the front. Also note that if the upper level of the garage is used as a rental unit or even a bedroom, you will then have to create an outdoor stair that acts as an exit.

    A better orientation.

    Instead of creating a garage that faces the street, try and employ a garage that won’t face the streets. An ideal design that faces away from the streets is a 90-degree offset. However, a 45-degree can also work to your advantage since it will largely impact the entrance it has on the street view of your house.

    Looks matter.

     A lot of garages that have the nicest and elegant design do not even look like garages. They rather look like it is the house itself. Ensure you look for ways and designs that will help your garage seem a house-like facade. Also make sure you match all the windows, the entry doors or any siding.

    Employ two or more smaller doors to break the monotony of a single garage door.

    Prepare for the elements.

    Preparing for the element is beneficial mostly if you are living in an area that has snow. It is essential to leave for the purposes of removing snow. It is also important mostly when you frequently use a plow to get rid of the snow. Also, if you locate your garage at the end of the driveway, note that it will be very difficult to plow it cleanly.


    We all have noted that as homes are being built larger and larger by the day, a lot of designs to create an ideal garage are being created. The above tips will help you create an ideal garage since garage designs are being given a lot of attention nowadays than they used to.

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