Everything You Need To Know About Malaysia Wooden Doors

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A door is an important element of a structure. When deciding the right door for your home or business, it has to be durable and well designed. If you are particular with aesthetics, it is best if the door complements the design of the structure. It’s not easy to find the right wooden door for your home. This is why it is good to check out the types of wooden doors available in Malaysia

Wood is the most popular choice for material in Malaysia because of its many advantages. It has been used for many years and it is not surprising why.

Advantages of Wooden Doors in Malaysia

Versatility: Wood is easy to work with and can be tailored in size, design and even in shape. With many door companies customizing wood doors, you can own one that is unique to you. Since there are various types of timbre, there are so many choices of finishes such as light or dark wood, tight or wide grain and more.

Durability: Wood will not be widely used if it does not guarantee durability. Good quality timbre can surely last a long time especially with proper care.

Insulation: Wood can maintain an ideal temperature level in a room that is why it is also well loved for its insulation properties.

Cons Of Wooden Doors

Maintenance: As a natural material, wood is prone to swelling or shrinking due to moisture. This problem can be addressed with proper treatment once you start seeing signs.

Termite infestation: Insects such as termites are wood’s worst enemy but again, it can be treated with the right pesticide.

Common Wood Species for Malaysia Doors

Pine: Pine is excellent for rustic homes. It in inexpensive and lightweight but it is best for use indoors for it can dent easily

Bamboo: Bamboo is easily customizable but it can discolour or warp in humid environments.

African Cherry: This wood is very versatile and is widely used for its rich hue but it can be expensive.

Douglas Fir: This is naturally beautiful and strong that is why it can be used to look rustic or contemporary though it needs to be protected against dents.

White Oak: White Oak boasts a beautiful grain quality that is impervious to water and is every craftsman’s favorite.

Red Oak: Red Oak is dense and finishes evenly. It handles elements well but it is prone to shrink.

Teak: Teak is favoured for its classic look and range of colors. It is also strong that it can last a lifetime though it needs constant polishing.

Mahogany: Mahogany is readily available, energy efficient and classic.

Is a Malaysia Wooden Door Right for you?

The advantages of a wooden door outweigh its few disadvantages, that is why it remains to be the most widely used material for door and other furniture. 

It helps to ask the door manufacturer of your choice about your options and choose based on what best meets your needs. When choosing style, consider the factors such as size of the room, the foot traffic or your special requirements. For instance, you might prefer a wide folding door that makes it easy for someone with a wheelchair to pass, etc. In the end, it all comes down to your needs.