7 Smart Ways to Organize Your Garage

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You go to your garage to get a shovel, you spend hours there and come across scissors, helmet, basketball and everything else but can’t find the shovel, then you finally see the shovel in the unreachable area behind your car. If you are able to relate with this kind of situation, then you are at the right place. You got some organizing to do in your garage and here are few smart ways to do it skillfully.

  1. Draw an Organization Plan

Before you start keeping things here and there mindlessly in the name of organization, draw a plan. Keeping the garage area in view and a list of what all you have to store there, it won’t be so difficult to decide. Assign categories to items and space to categories and then start organizing accordingly. Also, label everything you can for future reference.

  1. Mark the Area for Car/Bike

If you can mark the area your car would require, it can save you from many hassles while planning and also keep wall damages at bay. Mark the area with paint drawing white lines and you can also make a bumper to avoid crossing the line. If you own a bike too then it’s better to mount it as it will save some valuable space. Efficient, right?

  1. Make Use of The Wall

Customize your own storage system on the wall, make lots of shelves, tool rack, use pegboards if need be, hang ladder and big tools like shovel, rake etc. Utilize even the corner area with corner shelves. Anyone inspecting your home is sure to love that organized garage wall and so are you.

  1. Ceiling Can Be Helpful Too

If you have too many items to store in your garage and the floor and wall doesn’t seem to be enough then worry not, ceiling to the rescue. Ceiling storage system will have sliding storage bins and the key is to store those items in ceiling bins that are not used regularly, the ones you use only once in a while. Make sure there are no chances of those bins falling.

  1. Use Maximum Boxes and Bins

Boxes and bins are the best way to keep your garage tidy and organized. Store similar items in a particular box or bin and always label it so you can find things easily when you need them and if you like color them according to some category. You can make stacks for these boxes and bins for better space management and it will provide trouble free access too.

  1. Hooks Everywhere

Install hooks wherever you can, behind the door, window or free space on the walls. You wouldn’t know how useful they are when until you see that garden hose or random packets lying on the floor. Hooks are also beneficial to hang things that you need easy access to on a daily and weekly basis like keys, scissors or some clothing.

  1. Golden Rule

Lastly, the golden rule to keep your garage organized like the first day is to keep the things back to its place after each time you use them. Make this a habit, don’t keep that tool right there on the floor and leave just because you are feeling lazy. We all know that’s how it starts and in no time your garage will become the same disorganized space with random heaps.

Your garage contains a lot of important items and tools that are needed every now and then. Keeping the garage organized will be a treat for yourself, it will save you from the all the headache. Moreover, it can be achieved with above mentioned smart and easy steps. So, take some time off to sort out that space and you’ll be glad you did.



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