How to Creatively Craft a Compact Kitchen Space

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It’s a common expression that great things – more often than not – come in smaller packages, and kitchens are no exception. More than just being easier to spruce up, smaller living spaces have been found to be more economical, and fosters a better sense of community, value for one’s surroundings, and a greater handle on interpersonal relationships, according to a study published in the Undergraduate Journal of Humanistic Studies. It’s certainly going to be challenging, but whether circumstances or personal choice have led you to designing a smaller kitchen space, here are three design tips to help you maximize your tiny kitchen space.

Have a Clear Layout In Mind 

Your space is limited, and that’s a good thing as it forces you to optimize the space you have by eliminating bulky and unnecessary equipment. Before bringing in all of the appliances and fixtures, it would be advisable to do a deep-clean and visualize which thing would work best where. The preferred DIY solution is to array the cooking range, dishwasher, and other appliances in one easily accessible corner, thus freeing up more counter space along the wall. Having a modular counter set works better, as you can parcel out counter space to where it fits best, and scatter your kitchen appliances in between to better fit your preferred kitchen workflow. Whatever fixtures and appliances you have in mind, however, you should take some time to decide whether your kitchen needs would be best served by the first layout you came up with off the top of your head.

Utilize Every Inch Available

Storage space is a luxury in a small kitchen, which is why the designer of the kitchen must think up new and exciting ways to stow pots and pans. Some may find hanging them up on the wall to be too unsightly, and opt for installing storage containers in creatives places, such as underneath benches. Cutting boards, however, do have some untapped aesthetic value, and so can be used as ornaments on the wall.

Pay Attention to Aesthetics 

When maximizing efficiency, it’s easy to forget how everything will flow when all is said and done. You wouldn’t want to work in a kitchen that inspires monotony rather than spontaneity. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the feel that a design gives off. To combat the cramped feeling of limited space, sizable, pleasantly textured  tiles can provide a sense of spaciousness. Breaking up a continuous line of counter and cabinetry with an appliance or accessory such as a range hood or simply installing glass cabinet doors can dispel the blandness of solid color staring at you as soon as you enter the kitchen.
Small kitchens are a blessing in disguise, because they force you to overcome spatial limitations and design a well-oiled cuisine machine.

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